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KD9PML-6 KB2HSH 11/28 02:21:06z Reply QSL and 73 via Satellite
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/28 00:45:10z Send another K0KOC-1,KA9KEX-8,W0JW-6,KB2M-2
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/28 00:44:52z Send another K0KOC-1,KA9KEX-8,W0JW-6
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/28 00:44:35z Reply @7169834160 ELLO LOVE{M7480
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/28 00:44:21z Send another @7169834160 Hey Baby
VP9NR-8 KB2HSH 11/27 23:11:56z Reply Heard in BERMUDA VP9NR FM72 73'S {44
KD2SXO-7 KB2HSH 11/27 19:53:18z Reply kd2sxo fn31{09
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/27 03:13:34z Reply @7169834160 Lol{M7345
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/27 03:12:13z Send another @7169834160 HI PARIS!!!
WB9ZLM KB2HSH 11/27 03:09:51z Reply QSL de Bill in Dunlap, IL EN50{9E}
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/27 03:09:30z Send another WB9ZLM,K0KOC-7,AC8CL,AC2KU-1,W9QO,N9JTE
WB9ZLM KB2HSH 11/27 03:07:51z Reply Hello from Bill in Dunlap, IL EN50{9D}
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/27 03:06:43z Reply @7169834160 Hi bubs.{M7344
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/27 03:06:11z Send another @7169834160 Good Evening from the ISS
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/27 01:35:03z Send another K0KOC-7,KB2M-1,N9JTE,K1WY,AC2KU-1,AA8KY,KD9OLZ-9,N3PCW,W7BAZ,K4KDR-6
N9JTE KB2HSH 11/27 01:34:54z Reply K0KOC-7,KB2M-1,N9JTE,K1WY,AC2KU-1 HEY John ! N9JTE via ISS!{10
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/27 01:34:38z Reply @7169834160 Xoxoxo{M7336
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/27 01:34:33z Reply @7169834160 cocos{M7335
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/27 01:34:31z Reply @7169834160 MOVE OUT TOMORROW{M7334
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/27 01:33:38z Send another K0KOC-7,KB2M-1,N9JTE,K1WY,AC2KU-1,AA8KY,KD9OLZ-9,N3PCW,W7BAZ
N3PCW KB2HSH 11/27 01:33:17z Reply Fm19{3
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/27 01:32:55z Send another K0KOC-7,KB2M-1,N9JTE,K1WY,AC2KU-1
W7BAZ KB2HSH 11/26 23:57:22z Reply Hello from EN73 {36
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 23:55:55z Send another N9JTE,N0BBD,K1WY
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/26 23:55:53z Reply @7169834160 Lol. I love them.{M7317
KF0BMD-11 KB2HSH 11/26 22:24:10z Reply Msg rcvd via ISS Denver CO 73s!
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/26 22:23:51z Reply @7169834160 I love the astronauts too{M7292
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/26 22:20:35z Send another @7169834160 I LOVE U
N9JTE KB2HSH 11/26 22:19:32z Reply 73 de John KB2HSH QSL N9JTE via ISS!{09
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 22:19:14z Send another W0JW-6,N9JTE,KF0BMD-11,KB2M-2,AC8CL,W9QO,K1WY
KB2M-2 KB2HSH 11/26 22:18:03z Reply GA fr FM29 73
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 22:17:51z Send another W0JW-6,N9JTE,KF0BMD-11
N8JLK-6 KB2HSH 11/26 20:47:18z Reply 73 de Jerry EN91
N8JLK-6 KB2HSH 11/26 20:46:16z Reply 73 EN91
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/26 20:43:50z Reply @7169834160 Okay I will{M7275
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 20:42:04z Send another N8JLK-6,W9QO,W7BAZ,K0KOC-7,AC2KU-1
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 20:41:54z Send another N8JLK-6,W9QO,W7BAZ
K0KOC-7 KB2HSH 11/26 20:41:18z Reply rejQ
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/26 20:41:16z Send another N8JLK-6,W9QO
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/26 20:40:24z Send another @7169834160 The astronauts said "tell John you love him"
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/25 22:41:30z Reply TI3IES-9:73 from Costa Rica via DMR AMSAT TI
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/25 21:39:24z Reply @7169834160 Nope. Don't think I do.{M7145
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/25 21:38:32z Send another @7169834160 YOU ABSOLUTELY DO
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/25 21:36:38z Reply @7169834160 Hmm don't know him lol{M7144
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/25 21:34:45z Reply @7169834160 Idk who this is. Lol{M7142
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/25 21:33:02z Reply RR KB2HSH.CQ[spc]msg.LAST view history.LIST for recipients
KC1OCA KB2HSH 11/24 02:24:21z Reply QSL?{7
KC1OCA KB2HSH 11/24 02:23:58z Reply QSL?{6
KB2HSH BLNQSL3/3 11/23 04:47:52z Send another WA0D-5
WB9ZLM KB2HSH 11/23 04:46:14z Reply Heard you via ISS in EN50. Bill at the kb.{96}
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/23 04:45:56z Send another @7169834160 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!
KE5SUI KB2HSH 11/23 04:45:19z Reply rx in EM38 qsl?
AI4LL-2 KB2HSH 11/23 01:34:46z Reply HELLO FROM AI4LL VIA RS0ISS EM97XA
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/22 23:58:24z Reply @7169834160 What do you think the astronauts are doing{M6752
KB2HSH N0BPI-7 11/22 23:57:01z Send another 73 de John KB2HSH
N3PCW-7 KB2HSH 11/22 23:55:10z Reply Nick fm19{1
N1RCN KB2HSH 11/22 20:40:38z Reply Good Afternoon via ISS !
WB9ZLM KB2HSH 11/22 03:58:48z Reply Heard you via ISS Bill in EN50{93}
N3PPE KB2HSH 11/22 02:31:47z Reply And I Thank You ,Look For Ya Next Pass. 73
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/22 02:23:48z Send another AA9VI,KA9KEX-8,W9QO
AA9VI KB2HSH 11/22 02:22:50z Reply Hello from Chicagoland
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/22 00:44:46z Reply @7169834160 How are the astronauts? Lol{M6655
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/22 00:43:53z Send another @7169834160 Hey, baby!!!
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/21 23:58:33z Reply @7169834160 Yes?{M6644
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/21 23:57:49z Send another @7169834160 PSSSSSST
AL0A-1 KB2HSH 11/21 21:33:41z Reply Greetings from Maine {3
N9JTE-9 KB2HSH 11/21 03:11:33z Reply QSL Good day to be in shack! 73s N9JTE MARTY{94
N9JTE-9 KB2HSH 11/21 03:09:17z Reply QSL Good day to be in shack! 73s N9JTE MARTY{93
KB2HSH N9JTE-9 11/21 01:33:24z Send another 2' HERE
AL0A-1 KB2HSH 11/21 01:33:03z Reply Hello from fn43{2
N9JTE-9 KB2HSH 11/21 01:31:23z Reply get much snow John? Marty via ISS!{92
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/20 23:55:43z Reply @7169834160 Tell them ELLO LOVE!{M6544
N0BPI-7 KB2HSH 11/20 23:55:18z Reply KB2HSH de N0BPI Loud and clear in EN34 Minnesota{33
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/20 23:55:08z Send another @7169834160 The astronauts said hi
AA9VI KB2HSH 11/20 22:20:31z Reply Hello via ISS
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/20 05:38:10z Send another N9JTE-9,K1WY,W9RWB-1,AC8CL,W9QO,K4KDR-6
N9JTE-9 KB2HSH 11/20 05:36:36z Reply SALEM WI via ISSlo{89
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/20 05:36:27z Send another @7169834160 Hello again from the ISS
VE2UAL KB2HSH 11/20 04:00:25z Reply 73!{1
KB2HSH BLNQSL1/1 11/20 02:24:43z Send another K1WY,K9JKM,AA8KY
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/20 02:22:39z Send another 73
SMSGTE KB2HSH 11/20 02:22:22z Reply @7169834160 The astronauts!{M6393
KB2HSH K9JKM 11/20 02:22:19z Send another Hi JoAnne!!!
KB2HSH SMSGTE 11/20 02:21:16z Send another @7169834160 Hello from the ISS
KB2M-2 KB2HSH 11/19 23:10:56z Reply GE fr FM29 73
N1RCN KB2HSH 11/19 23:08:05z Reply Hello! Good Evening from EL87
N1RCN KB2HSH 11/19 23:04:43z Reply Good Evening from EL87
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 15:50:56z Reply 4G1WWW-5:Happy weekend everyone! 73
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 15:31:53z Reply TG5ALY-14:Happy Saturday everyone from TG5ALY
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 14:17:17z Reply K8JTT-5:73 de K8JTT
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 13:14:47z Reply KC8OWL-7:have a great weekend everyone 73 kc8owl
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/19 12:19:09z Reply then Snow Showers Likely 100% High 30
WXBOT KB2HSH 11/19 12:19:04z Reply 2 Miles E Tonawanda NY. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Heavy Snow
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 12:14:15z Reply DU2XXR-7:Good day and happy weekend to you, to oo, sir.
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 11:58:21z Reply KC8OWL-7:good day all 73 kc8owl las vegas, nv usa
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 10:42:38z Reply CQ [space] msg to reply.LIST for recipients.LAST/LAST10 for history
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 10:15:43z Reply DX1CC-10:have a wonderful weekend, 73 keep safe and dry
APRSPH KB2HSH 11/19 09:43:27z Reply DW1OTT-6:have a great weekend 73
N9JTE-9 KB2HSH 11/19 04:48:34z Reply SALEM WI via ISS{86
KB2HSH W9QO 11/19 03:10:01z Send another Hello from Buffalo