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KB1ZJB SMSGTE 01/13 23:59:33z Send another @8605735952 Testing{HL}
WHO-IS KB1ZJB 01/10 03:21:53z Reply T/Patrick A Cunningham/CT/United States{8G}YE
KB1ZJB WHO-IS 01/10 03:21:53z Send another KB1ZJB{YE}
K8SDR KB1ZJB 01/10 02:12:44z Reply Test2
K8SDR KB1ZJB 01/10 02:11:16z Reply Sending back testing
EMAIL-2 KB1ZJB 01/10 02:10:12z Reply No email address found!{ZG}CO
KB1ZJB EMAIL-2 01/10 02:10:12z Send another K8SDR Testing{CO}
KE8ESP KB1ZJB 01/07 16:41:08z Reply Testing, hello! Polaris from the SignalsEverywhere Discord.{1
KE8ESP KB1ZJB 01/04 20:23:16z Reply Testing. Hi! Polaris from the Signals Everywhere Discord here.{1
K8SDR KB1ZJB 01/03 00:55:13z Reply Testing Hello
KB1ZJB K8SDR 01/03 00:43:24z Send another Hello{01
K8SDR KB1ZJB 01/02 23:28:53z Reply Testing