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W1GET KB1JDX 10/14 15:39:09z Reply Recieved and Thank you.{01}
KB1JDX W1GET-7 10/14 15:32:53z Send another thanks for participating in SET. 73{68
KB1JDX-9 KB1JDX 10/04 23:53:29z Reply ?APRSP
KB1JDX KC1AFM-7 08/17 11:24:21z Send another It sure is!{67
KC1AFM-7 KB1JDX 08/17 01:01:44z Reply so_cool{02
KB1JDX KC1AFM-7 08/17 00:58:12z Send another Loud and clear :){66
KC1AFM-7 KB1JDX 08/17 00:56:25z Reply testing{01