KB1CRN messages

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KB1CRN KE5KTU-7 04/07 00:22:00z Send another APRS is so cool{00001
KB1CRN WA1GOV-10 04/06 13:15:47z Send another WXBOT{95
KB1CRN WA1GOV-10 04/04 23:03:30z Send another WXBOTCUR{94
KB1CRN WA1GOV-10 04/04 23:01:49z Send another WXBOT{93
KB1CRN WA1GOV-10 04/04 02:17:48z Send another WXBOT{86
WA1GOV-10 KB1CRN 04/04 02:15:46z Reply Thanks for using the WA1GOV APRS-2-Twitter Gateway!
KB1CRN WA1GOV-10 04/04 02:14:32z Send another WXBOTCUR{85
KC2OBI-14 KB1CRN 04/02 13:51:48z Reply HI{5
N1HMT KB1CRN 03/28 21:39:53z Reply Hello From Larry FN42mn in MA
KB1CRN N1HMT 03/28 21:39:31z Send another Hello and 73 via ISS{73
KB1CRN K0PHP 03/28 21:39:29z Send another Hello and 73 via ISS{71
KB1CRN VE3SCP 03/28 21:39:18z Send another Hello and 73 via ISS{72
KB1CRN KB1JDX-9 03/21 19:56:32z Send another Howdy{43
N1MIE-3 KB1CRN 03/21 17:40:43z Reply AA:If I'm driving I won't reply.
KB1CRN KB1IXO-12 03/21 17:40:34z Send another Howdy{42
KB1CRN N1MIE-3 03/21 17:40:33z Send another Howdy{41
KB1CRN KC1DDH-9 03/21 17:07:05z Send another 73 from Glen in CT{40
KB1CRN KB3KBR-6 03/16 08:03:21z Send another 73{26
KB1JDX-9 KB1CRN 03/10 00:29:21z Reply Hello 73{36
KB1CRN KC2OBI-14 03/09 12:34:25z Send another Good morning driver{19
KB1CRN KB1JDX-9 03/09 12:30:36z Send another Good morning{18
KD2VRG KB1CRN 02/20 03:56:56z Reply Trying aprs first time 73 {01
KD2VIF-5 KB1CRN 02/13 06:30:28z Reply Saw your long journey. Safe travels.{1