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AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/19 00:06:54z Reply I'm good for our Tue experiment{92
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/18 12:33:19z Reply Not yet and may not get time today.{91
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/18 04:05:47z Send another Might want to text me that info too, in case I don't c ur APRS msg.{32
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/18 04:03:59z Send another Let me know if u were able 2 pick up that 7amphour 12v gel cell.{31
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/14 01:59:20z Reply I plugged mine into the Yaesu and the power supply and it worked.{90
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/14 01:58:39z Send another But, I want to see if you have the cable u were referring to 2day.{29
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/14 01:57:52z Send another battery{28
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/14 01:57:03z Send another My Yaesu cable is for the car, but we can make it work with a{27
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/14 01:56:03z Send another I have a 12v Yaesu HT cable, but don't know if it fits yours.{26
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/14 01:55:29z Reply Found it and it works! Would like to try it with your battery.{89
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/14 01:54:07z Send another Can you look for that Yaesu power cable?{25
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/13 01:22:40z Reply Great - me too!{88
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 08/13 00:42:04z Send another Excited to start planning the fox hunt event!{24
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/06 22:00:05z Reply Don't see you on the map.{87
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 08/03 16:06:14z Reply Have a great day! 73{86
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 07/30 01:45:00z Send another Glad to see you're back online!{23
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 07/29 23:51:17z Reply Back on the air. No changes so think it's connector issues. 73{85
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 07/06 15:09:11z Reply Took a 3 hour nap Friday afternoon! Just what this OM needed!!{83
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 07/06 13:30:07z Send another Good to see u back on the air!{22
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 07/03 23:30:15z Reply Plug antenna back in. Happy 4th AND Happy B'day to Lauren! 73{82
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 07/01 03:13:42z Send another An official Happy Birthday... via APRS! 73!{20
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 06/27 01:40:57z Reply I can do lunch on Thursday. I'll be in touch.{81
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/27 01:15:02z Send another Also... maybe lunch on Thurs!{19
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/27 01:11:38z Send another You mean through Towson's repeater?{18
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 06/26 22:11:11z Reply Nice dstar qso with N3RO on the commute home today thru repeater.{80
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/23 03:42:36z Send another Things went well! We start again Sunday for a bit.{17
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 06/23 00:25:18z Reply So how did field day go? Someday.. Glad it was a good day for event{79
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/22 21:52:48z Send another Hey Pete. wuz just talking abt u. Good things, don't woorry! 73!{16
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/22 15:45:53z Send another Hmmm... guess that means u can't make it. Will miss ya' there,{14
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 06/22 14:53:44z Reply Have a great field day! 73{78
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/20 03:48:29z Send another Hello there, Pete!{13
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/15 13:46:57z Send another Don't forget, wear your long HT antenna!{12
AA3BR KA3ZMN-2 06/15 01:21:26z Reply Yeah, me too. May look for a mobile antenna, various connectors. 73{76
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/14 23:58:57z Send another Looking forward to hangin' at the hamfest!{11
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/12 01:30:00z Send another Enjoyed chatting at lunch today. Maybe we'll do lunch Thurs.{10
KA3ZMN-2 AA3BR 06/10 11:23:14z Send another Howdy. Hope you had a nice weekend! Catcha online! 73!{09