KA2DUT messages

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KD2RZW-9 KA2DUT 03/11 15:41:29z Reply west islip mobile and calling73{05
KC2OQV KA2DUT 02/19 17:41:32z Reply Greetings from the Sullivan Cty Catskills!{M0001
TA5AHO-4 KA2DUT 02/19 16:47:39z Reply Greetings From TURKEY Have nice day 73 via Aprs yaesu ft1-xde rf{4186
KN2X-9 KA2DUT 02/19 16:45:09z Reply Fly safe & 73{6
KA2DUT KN2X-9 01/23 16:55:42z Send another AA:Hello from above Chopper 12 News Sim 446.000
KN2X-9 KA2DUT 01/23 16:55:17z Reply Fly safe! 73{76