KA1UDX-1 messages

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KA1UDX-1 KA1UDX-1 05/08 09:06:49z Send another No stations have been heard except via a digipeater.
KA1UDX-1 KA1UDX 05/08 09:06:48z Send another ?DX
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 08:59:04z Reply ers then Showers Likely 70% High 57{QD
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 08:58:59z Reply 2 Miles NNW Trappe PA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Today,Chance Show{QC
KA1UDX-1 WXBOT 05/08 08:58:36z Send another ?IGATE?{27
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:48:13z Reply 9{PO
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:48:08z Reply Evansburg PA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Sunday,Mostly Sunny High 5{PN
KA1UDX-1 WXBOT 05/08 02:48:01z Send another what Sunday 19426{26
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:47:21z Reply 44{PM
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:47:16z Reply Evansburg PA. Hazardous Weather Outlook, Tonight,Mostly Cloudy Low{PL
KA1UDX-1 WXBOT 05/08 02:47:09z Send another what 19426{25
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:46:41z Reply Sorry, unable to get a forecast for location 52.16750/4.53417{PK
KA1UDX-1 WXBOT 05/08 02:46:34z Send another what Collegeville,PA{24
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:39z Reply Unable to find location for KA1UDX-1{PJ
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:34z Reply Forecast available only at United States locations{PI
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:29z Reply what= full,metar,cwop,current or whois{PH
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:24z Reply when= tonight,tomorrow, or day of week i.e. Sunday{PG
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:19z Reply where= City,ST callsign,APRS obj,lat/lon,grid,CWOP,airport or zip{PF
WXBOT KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:44:14z Reply Send an APRS message to WXBOT with 'where' 'when' 'what'{PE
KA1UDX-1 WXBOT 05/08 02:43:52z Send another {23
W1CMA KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:39:42z Reply Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,TCPIP*
N3JFS-1 KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:39:23z Reply Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,TCPIP,N3FYI-2,N3TJJ-11,WIDE1*
N3JFS-1 KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:39:09z Reply Path - KA1UDX-1>APU25N,TCPIP,KB1EJH-1,K4BW-12,WIDE2*
N3FCX KA1UDX-1 05/08 02:38:32z Reply WINLINK
KA1UDX-1 WXSVR 05/07 17:12:30z Send another ?
KA1UDX-1 N3XR-15 05/07 17:08:09z Send another ?ping?
N3DOU-1 KA1UDX-1 05/07 15:26:17z Reply Path - KA1UDX>181417zBill n3dou@k3ars.org UI-View32 V2.03
N3DOU-1 KA1UDX-1 05/07 15:20:36z Reply Bill n3dou@k3ars.org UI-View32 V2.03
KA1UDX-1 N3DOU-1 05/07 15:20:28z Send another ?APRSS
KA1UDX-1 N3DOU-1 05/07 15:19:37z Send another ?APRST