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K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-9 06/09 16:33:17z Send another Happy Sunday Pat!{7
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 06/03 19:30:40z Send another I need to get home to my puppies. :-){14
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 06/03 19:29:45z Send another hey, I think I'm going to Forgo a visit today.{13
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/18 03:50:13z Send another made it okay, thanks for the track and follow along 73{52
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-3 05/18 03:49:58z Send another made it okay, thanks for the track and follow along 73{51
KC6VVT-3 K9LGE-5 05/18 02:14:14z Reply Hi, almost there, I see. 73 de Pat{MS}
KC6VVT-3 K9LGE-5 05/17 16:49:59z Reply Safe journey to you and Marilyn, congratulations to Cole!{MR}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-3 05/17 16:48:31z Send another you're welcome! Thanks for the track!{75
KC6VVT-3 K9LGE-5 05/17 16:38:04z Reply Thank you for the chat on our UHF repeater!{MQ}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 16:17:25z Send another 2.59 at Utica Love's{74
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 16:09:32z Send another stopping for cheap gas{73
KC6VVT-3 K9LGE-5 05/17 16:05:19z Reply Listening 440.050 now{MO}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:55:22z Send another Will try calling on 440 later and see if your back on.{72
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:54:07z Reply OK, Will be tracking if power holds out.{KT}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:51:45z Send another for Cole's graduation.{71
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:51:14z Send another no stop by this time. with Marilyn enroute to KS.{70
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:47:25z Reply HA HA HA HA HA HA HA{KS}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:46:49z Reply jeg er gal jeg er gal jeg er gal{KR}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:44:10z Send another welkommen!{69
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:42:49z Reply HELLO NORWAY{KQ}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:41:17z Reply HELLO?{KP}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:32:59z Reply Are you stopping by? Have your track by TCPIP{KO}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:29:35z Reply Lightning here, had to disconnect outdoor antennas{KN}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:27:28z Send another otherwise we can use the 440machine{68
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/17 15:26:01z Reply Standby{KM}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/17 15:22:13z Send another is the 2 meter repeater fixed yet?{67
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/07 02:19:46z Send another inn for the night!{47
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/07 01:08:00z Send another a transmitter site!{46
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/06 05:28:20z Send another cool!{85
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:27:43z Reply Directs[2/2]:) W9MKS-15(5.0@112)
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:27:43z Reply Directs[1/2]:K9VSK(29.7mi@195°) K9ZQ-8(19.8@336) KA9QPN-15(37.5@37
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/06 05:27:42z Send another ?aprsd{84
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:27:29z Reply Lost all of your travel today. Good night OM.{BO}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:26:34z Reply Set tracking on, must have got you to query terminal with ?{BN}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/06 05:25:48z Send another I was wondering what all that was. :-){83
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:25:18z Reply Just got APRSIS32 Terminal running, whew.{BM}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:24:14z Reply Support[2/2]:?APRST/?PING? ?ABOUT/?APRSV/?VER ?CPU ?DX ?IGATE
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:24:14z Reply Support[1/2]: ?APRSD ?APRSL ?APRSH ?APRSM ?APRSO ?APRSP ?APRSS
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/06 05:24:14z Send another ?{82
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 05/06 05:23:29z Reply ?APRSP
K9LGE-5 KA9RES 05/06 03:50:56z Send another made it okay, thanks for the track and follow along 73{81
KA9RES K9LGE-5 05/06 03:31:15z Reply lineman{HY}
KA9RES K9LGE-5 05/06 03:30:40z Reply bless Con Ed{HX}
K9LGE-5 KA9RES 05/06 03:29:56z Send another good to hear, almost to Taylorville.{80
KA9RES K9LGE-5 05/06 03:29:02z Reply power back on in tonica{HW}
K9LGE-5 KA9RES 05/05 22:05:30z Send another on Starved Rock 440 machine.{79
KA9RES K9LGE-5 05/05 22:04:42z Reply ROGER thank you Eric.{HU}
K9LGE-5 KA9RES 05/05 22:04:07z Send another receiving you loud and clear.{78
KA9RES K9LGE-5 05/05 22:03:23z Reply testing from club STATION KA9RES{HT}
KC6VVT-9 K9LGE-5 05/05 18:27:30z Reply Home now.{01}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-2 05/05 17:43:46z Send another Be coming through later today.{75
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-9 05/05 17:43:30z Send another Are you at the hamfest all day?{77
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT-9 05/05 17:43:00z Send another Be coming through later today.{76
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 05/05 17:42:23z Send another Be coming through later today.{74
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/29 19:39:00z Reply Clear to land{QA}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/29 19:38:30z Send another making left turn bearing 0 9 0 4 Final Approach{78
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/29 19:36:58z Reply Runway 18R ready{PZ}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/29 18:35:28z Send another 271 a gallon at the speedway on May Road.{77
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/29 18:34:50z Send another stopping in Peru for cheap gas first.{76
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/29 18:17:51z Reply Tracking{PY}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/29 17:55:50z Send another on my way to you from Rockford!{75
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/22 23:23:55z Reply Listening, gave a call on UHF repeater{RT}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 23:22:19z Send another 73 and have a good night.{42
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 21:21:58z Send another monitoring Starved Rock 440 machine.{41
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 20:48:13z Send another more details when I arrive.{40
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 20:47:24z Send another police and fire on scene.{39
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 20:46:52z Send another two vehicle accident in Newark.{38
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 20:27:13z Send another rolling{37
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 17:58:09z Send another will you be around?{36
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/22 17:57:45z Send another hopefully leaving shortly for MO again.{35
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/17 20:45:20z Send another i am home!{91
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/17 04:25:26z Send another Hello from Muscatine! de K9LGE/0{74
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/15 00:17:31z Reply Monitoring{GJ}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 23:56:43z Reply Rgr ur last. On local net 2 Meter repeater back in service.{GI}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:58z Send another INSP on scene. Some injuries.{33
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:36z Send another mile marker 73.{32
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 22:47:14z Send another multi vehicle accident on I-55 southbound approximately mile marke{31
WD9EPF K9LGE-5 04/14 20:52:28z Reply ?DX
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:43:49z Reply Great, or video if you have 4G or better. Facebook stuff.{GH}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:40:23z Send another new phone mount, can take forward pictures through windshield.{30
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:45z Reply photos?{GG}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:22z Reply What picks?{GF}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:01z Reply wind. {GE}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:39:01z Reply Great. Radar showing snow clouds either side I-55 w Northerly+{GD}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:38:01z Send another hVes picks, will send later on today.{29
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:36:37z Send another roadway completely clear, almost no snow.{28
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:33:56z Reply Updated, I-55 clear now.{GC}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:30:21z Reply Between McLean truckstop and Atlant it begins.{GB}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:29:00z Reply Either side of Lincoln about same distance. {GA}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:28:12z Send another just about there, I will confirm.{27
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:27:18z Reply IDOT reports I-55 South of Bloomington partly covered roadway.{FZ}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:25:39z Reply white/beige, no purple/mauve, hi hi{FY}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:24:38z Send another if you're not picky about color. :-){26
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:24:09z Send another I'll check my warehouse inventory on Wednesday, might have one!{25
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:22:02z Reply Hard to find long curly wire handset cords these days.{FX}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:21:31z Reply Kitchen phone has issues with cord and old overhead sink light.{FW}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:20:16z Send another Rodger that on the hum. Some dropouts too.{24
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:19:27z Reply Phone line hum? You ran over again {FV}
KC6VVT K9LGE-5 04/14 20:18:47z Reply Earlier, East West roads are worse here.{FU}
K9LGE-5 KC6VVT 04/14 20:18:35z Send another by the way, both times I talked with you on the phone there was a {23