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KC6VVT-9 K9LGE 06/05 11:53:11z Reply enroute PORTLAND, ME{02}
KC6VVT-9 K9LGE 06/05 11:51:21z Reply enrk{01}
KC6VVT K9LGE 04/22 23:21:41z Reply qrt{RS}HT
K9LGE KC6VVT 04/22 18:29:58z Send another Hopefully leaving soon. Needed tio do wash. :-){HT}RR
KC6VVT K9LGE 04/22 15:27:34z Reply Good to see you on the map again.{RR}HS
KC6VVT K9LGE 04/22 15:27:12z Reply Hi Eric, should be available for a visit.{RQ}HS
K9LGE KC6VVT 04/22 15:25:53z Send another noonish. Will you be home today?{HS}
K9LGE KC6VVT 04/22 15:25:52z Send another Heading to MO this afternoon. Hopefully leaving home around+{HR}