K9GVT-7 messages

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SMSGTE K9GVT-7 07/22 23:31:58z Reply Message to tim delivered{C6437
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 07/22 23:31:23z Send another @tim? mar at around 8am on the 700{94
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 07/05 13:22:45z Reply @paul Yes{M4994
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 07/05 13:22:03z Reply Message to paul delivered{C4993
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 07/05 13:18:48z Send another @paul? Portillo's at 10:30? {78
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 07/05 12:53:40z Reply Message to viking delivered{C4989
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 07/05 12:48:11z Send another @viking? test{76
K9GVT K9GVT-7 07/05 12:27:38z Reply test{LT}
K9GVT-7 K9GVT 07/05 12:25:01z Send another test{75
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/22 10:26:30z Reply @viking Return 2{M4131
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/22 10:26:19z Reply Message to viking delivered{C4130
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/22 10:25:14z Reply @viking Received{M4129
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/22 10:24:09z Reply Message to viking delivered{C4128
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 06/22 10:21:10z Send another @viking? test{73
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 06/22 10:19:04z Send another @viking? test{72
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/08 09:43:05z Reply Message to viking delivered{C3088
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 06/08 09:38:24z Reply Message to viking delivered{C3087
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 06/08 09:38:01z Send another @viking? test{70
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 06/08 09:34:19z Send another @viking? test{69
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 05/18 12:42:03z Reply Message to tim delivered{C1412
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 05/18 12:41:38z Send another @tim? mar at around 8am on the 700{93
K9GVT-7 SMSGTE 05/13 13:46:08z Send another @bobby? 700{92
SMSGTE K9GVT-7 05/13 13:45:49z Reply Message to bobby delivered{C1160