K8LEN-63 messages

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K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 11/07 22:58:04z Reply Also a nice signal in Mt today -2 this morning. Cheers{1
K8LEN-63 WA8LMF-60 11/05 16:29:30z Send another WA8LMFWILL DO HAVE A GREAT DAY
K8LEN-63 WA8LMF-60 11/05 16:28:37z Send another WA8LMF QSL ALSO UR 579 INTO INDIANA{1
WA8LMF-60 K8LEN-63 11/05 16:28:23z Reply Lotsa stations on. See http://WA8LMF.net/map ,{2
WA8LMF-60 K8LEN-63 11/05 16:25:41z Reply Hey, I'm actually seeing you on my map today! Band is good!{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT-63 11/03 22:35:19z Send another K7MT WOW68 DEGS AND SUNNY 80 SUNDAY{2
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 11/03 22:32:26z Reply 19 Deg and snowing all day !! Woo Hoo !!{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT 11/03 21:03:44z Send another K7MT GREETINGS AGN 529 INDIANA EARLY SIGNAL{1
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 11/02 22:01:41z Reply Football Brauts Oduells Beer tonight. Woo Hoo !{1
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 11/01 23:02:14z Reply You also Baseball Brauts and Beer tonight ! Woo Hoo !{1
K7MT K8LEN-63 11/01 23:00:20z Reply And you also Baseball, Brauts, Beer tonight ! Woo Hoo !!{AU}
K8LEN-63 K7MT 11/01 22:51:49z Send another k7mt 339 indiana have a gud nite 73{1
K7MT K8LEN-63 10/10 00:08:16z Reply Hwdy From Bill in Montana Good Copy{SC}
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 10/09 23:07:54z Send another ok jeff fading now {4
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 10/09 22:56:34z Send another kp3ft 459 INDIANA OP PAT{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT 10/09 19:36:55z Send another K7MT 339 INDIANA{2
K8LEN-63 K7MT 10/09 19:34:42z Send another K7MT 339 INDIANA{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT 10/07 23:31:19z Send another QSL BILL NOW S8{2
K7MT K8LEN-63 10/07 23:30:58z Reply Howdy Good Signal in Montana.{QY}
K8LEN-63 K7MT 10/07 23:29:18z Send another BILL S4 INDIANA{1