K8LEN-63 messages

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K8LEN-63 N0JDS 02/17 22:10:06z Send another N0JDS GA 339 INDIANA OP IS PAT{4
K8LEN-63 N0JDS 02/17 22:01:01z Send another N0JDS GA 33 AND LITE SNOW IN INDIANA OP IS PAT{3
LB9YH-63 K8LEN-63 02/17 21:28:21z Reply CUL 73 DE VE7/LB9YH{6
K8LEN-63 LB9YH 02/17 21:25:18z Send another LB9YH CUL 73 /K8LEN{1
LB9YH-63 K8LEN-63 02/17 21:17:29z Reply FB FB, UR 449. OP IS KEN KEN. IN CRESTON, BC, CANADA{4
LB9YH-63 K8LEN-63 02/17 21:05:49z Reply please rpt. no cpy{3
LB9YH-63 K8LEN-63 02/17 21:05:15z Reply please rpt. no cpy{2
K8LEN-63 :N0QBH UR 02/17 21:04:03z Send another 339 INTO INDIANA OP IS PAT {2
K8LEN-63 K7MT 02/08 21:42:18z Send another K7MT 37 AND SUNNY HERE{11
K8LEN-63 K7MT 02/08 21:41:34z Send another K7MT 599 TODAY INDIANA 37 HERE SUNNY{10
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 02/08 21:09:44z Reply 44 to 17 degree drop in one hour. Cooling off fast{1
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 02/08 19:50:37z Send another w4ttu ga ur 599 into indiana op is pat pat btu{8
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 02/08 19:46:33z Send another KP3FT U STILL THERE {7
NH7C-63 K8LEN-63 02/08 19:40:59z Reply UR Great copy here too. 34F in bright sun. RST 599{4
K8LEN-63 NH7C 02/08 19:38:09z Send another HI UR GREAT COPY HERE TODAY IN COLD INDIANA{4
NH7C-63 K8LEN-63 02/08 19:38:01z Reply de Sid in Maryland{3
NH7C-63 K8LEN-63 02/08 19:35:22z Reply Hi Pat!{2
K8LEN-63 NH7C 02/08 19:31:13z Send another NH7C 569 INDIANA INDIANA OP IS PAT PAT K{3
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 02/08 19:24:22z Send another KP3FT 559 INDIANA OP IS PAT PAT{2
K8LEN-63 KP3FT 02/08 19:22:04z Send another KP3FT GA 559 INDIANA OP IS PAT {1
W4TTU K8LEN-63 02/07 18:17:42z Reply Hello Pat, greetings from Virginia, cold here today, 73 Bob{01
K8LEN-63 W4TTU 02/07 18:05:48z Send another W4TTU-63 GA 559 INDIANA OP IS PAT PAT{1
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 02/04 23:07:20z Reply oops 10147.300{3
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 02/04 23:02:44z Reply K7MT-8{2
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 02/04 23:00:53z Reply 147.300 just activated !!{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT-63 02/04 22:54:11z Send another K7MT U ON ROBUST PACKET AND WHAT FREQUENCY?{1
K7MT-63 K8LEN-63 12/14 22:05:59z Reply HOWDY FM MT 2 IN NEW SNOW SUNNY 26 DEG WIND CALM{1
K8LEN-63 K7MT-7 12/14 21:33:21z Send another howdy 31 and sunny no snow{1