K7TMF-9 messages

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WA6HSL K7TMF-9 05/19 20:43:55z Reply AA:HELLO MSG. RCVD.
K7TMF-9 WA6HSL 05/19 20:43:48z Send another ME TOO!{11
K7TMF-9 N7BRB-9 05/18 19:22:49z Send another i am only going a little slower! ;){10
N7BRB-9 K7TMF-9 05/18 19:18:51z Reply go faster{30
K7TMF-9 W7UPS 05/05 00:15:57z Send another Top of the day!{09
W7UPS K7TMF-9 05/05 00:12:56z Reply H{W
W7UPS K7TMF-9 05/04 22:18:53z Reply HI{V
W7UPS K7TMF-9 04/28 17:36:30z Reply Greetings{U
K7TMF-9 N7BRB-9 04/27 19:00:57z Send another I'll work on that! ;){08
N7BRB-9 K7TMF-9 04/27 18:59:47z Reply take it slow{07
K7TMF-9 N7BRB-9 04/24 18:40:46z Send another It is! :){07
N7BRB-9 K7TMF-9 04/24 18:39:08z Reply sounds fun{06
W7UPS K7TMF-9 04/22 22:10:16z Reply %[5f][7e]w7ups[51][51][51][6b]147[7a]560[60]pl100
K7TMF-9 W7UPS 04/22 22:10:05z Send another Top of the day!{06
W7UPS K7TMF-9 04/22 22:08:23z Reply HI{T
W7UPS-14 K7TMF-9 04/20 23:49:54z Reply FROM NINE MILE FALLS WASHINGTON.{79