K7STI-4 messages

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K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/25 19:22:18z Send another test{89
K7STI-4 KK6MRI-11 03/23 17:43:38z Send another hi spotted you on aprs. what ru flying?{88
K7STI-4 JJ1TSJ 03/22 06:01:24z Send another test{87
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/22 06:00:31z Reply rcv{37
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/22 05:59:08z Send another test 2259{86
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 19:42:45z Reply more test{36
K7STI-4 KJ7MPI-7 03/21 19:39:23z Send another hello from sw vegas{85
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 19:35:08z Reply test de kw2{35
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/21 19:33:07z Send another test de kW{84
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 19:30:33z Reply test from and sent at 1230{34
K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/21 07:45:50z Send another testing STI{83
K7STI-4 EMAIL-2 03/21 06:53:52z Send another me test1{82
EMAIL-2 K7STI-4 03/21 06:52:51z Reply Email sent to yotsuki@gmail.com{346
EMAIL-2 K7STI-4 03/21 06:51:53z Reply me added.{345
K7STI-4 EMAIL-2 03/21 06:51:53z Send another me yotsuki@gmail.com {81
K7STI-4 JI1RVX-9 03/21 06:13:18z Send another test desu.{80
K7STI-4 JI1KQU-7 03/21 06:11:27z Send another test desu{79
K7STI-4 JI1ERJ-7 03/21 06:08:02z Send another hello test desu.hajimemashite!{78
K7STI-4 JH4JQC-14 03/21 05:56:38z Send another LasVegas nite jushin dekimashita.{77
JH4JQC-14 K7STI-4 03/21 05:51:41z Reply Tnx! Msg{85
JH4JQC-14 K7STI-4 03/21 05:50:41z Reply AA:Thx msg I'm just driving soly!
K7STI-4 JH4JQC-14 03/21 05:49:48z Send another konnichiwa test desu.{76
K7STI-4 KN6FOA 03/21 05:47:17z Send another hi testing.can u get this message?{75
K7STI-4 JR4DHK-9 03/21 05:16:41z Send another test konnichiwa{74
K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/21 04:51:59z Send another test kw{73
K7STI-4 JJ1TSJ 03/21 04:45:27z Send another test sent@2145{72
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/21 04:41:46z Reply @ME Test2 from my iphone{M6853
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 04:35:16z Reply test 2135 from android {33
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 04:34:34z Reply test 2134and {32
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/21 04:33:03z Send another test 2134kw{71
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/21 04:31:47z Reply test 2131{31
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 20:31:58z Reply test 1331{30
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 05:08:42z Reply test 2208{29
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 04:29:27z Reply test 2129{28
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 04:10:45z Reply test 2110{27
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 04:07:33z Reply test 2107{26
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 03:43:36z Reply test {25
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/20 02:14:42z Reply test{24
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/19 04:52:24z Send another test lv{70
K7STI-4 JJ1TSJ 03/18 20:53:32z Send another test 1353{69
K7STI-4 JJ1TSJ 03/18 20:42:09z Send another jyushin ok!{68
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/18 18:53:45z Reply testing 123456{23
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/18 18:48:33z Send another t1{67
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/18 18:45:30z Reply testing 123{22
K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/18 06:31:33z Send another test desu{66
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/18 05:34:07z Reply test from and. {21
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/18 05:26:09z Send another test{65
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/18 03:26:03z Send another got{64
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/18 03:25:02z Reply test{20
K7STI-4 VA7LV-9 03/17 17:24:43z Send another i love mitsu Delica! welcome2vegas! {63
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/17 05:30:17z Send another rcv 2230{62
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/17 05:08:24z Reply rcvd 2208{19
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/17 05:07:55z Send another tEst 2207{61
K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/17 03:32:37z Send another ssid test2{60
K7STI-4 SMSGTE-ME 03/17 02:11:22z Send another ssid test1{59
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/17 01:44:28z Reply The alias me and SSID ME now represent 7028062259{C6417
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/17 01:44:26z Send another #alias add me 7028062259 ME{58
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/17 01:41:50z Reply The alias bubu and SSID RA now represent 7024931180{C6416
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/17 01:41:45z Send another #alias add bubu 7024931180 RA{57
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/17 01:31:11z Reply The number 7028062259 has been associated with this callsign.{C6413
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/17 01:31:09z Send another #mynumber add 7028062259{56
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/17 00:19:53z Reply and test. 1719{18
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/17 00:18:18z Send another test kW2{54
TA5AHO-4 K7STI-4 03/17 00:06:56z Reply Hello Mr.Yujiro from TURKEY{7915
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/17 00:05:55z Send another @7028062259? test4{53
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/16 23:30:33z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6400
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 23:30:26z Send another @7028062259? test3{52
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/16 23:14:33z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6399
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 23:14:23z Send another @7028062259? test2{51
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/16 06:35:16z Send another RCv{46
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/16 06:33:30z Reply and6 test{17
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/16 04:55:52z Send another and5 test{45
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/16 04:54:12z Reply and4 test{16
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/16 04:49:06z Send another test de kw{44
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/16 04:45:52z Reply @7028062259 Test8 received. All good.{M6370
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 04:43:48z Send another test8{43
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/16 04:25:45z Send another rCv{42
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/16 04:20:25z Reply test from android 3{15
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/16 04:14:41z Send another rcv{41
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/16 04:13:22z Reply test from android 2{14
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 03:52:52z Send another test7{40
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 02:07:52z Send another t6{39
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 01:56:16z Send another test6{38
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 01:41:37z Send another test5{37
TA5AHO-4 K7STI-4 03/16 00:37:57z Reply Hello Mr Yujiro My names hamit From TURKEY{7752
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/16 00:36:54z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6334
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/16 00:36:52z Send another @7028062259? test4{36
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/15 23:22:51z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6327
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/15 23:22:40z Send another @7028062259? test3{35
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/15 23:05:07z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6325
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/15 23:04:59z Send another @7028062259? test2{34
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/15 21:42:52z Send another @7028062259? test 1441{33
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/15 21:41:57z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6309
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/15 21:39:38z Reply test from android. {13
K7STI-7 K7STI-4 03/15 21:38:12z Reply copy. {12
K7STI-4 K7STI-7 03/15 21:37:44z Send another test 1437{32
KC1HHO-7 K7STI-4 03/15 01:19:42z Reply Greetings 73{84
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/15 01:16:50z Reply @7028062259 Test2 rcv{M6221
SMSGTE K7STI-4 03/15 01:08:46z Reply Message to 7028062259 delivered{C6219
K7STI-4 SMSGTE 03/15 01:08:44z Send another @7028062259? test2{31