K7GPS messages

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K7GPS W7XT-9 05/15 18:58:39z Send another I C U Dick, de Dave{1
K7GPS W7CGA 05/15 17:39:25z Send another Radio check, over.{1
K7GPS SQ5AM 05/14 23:25:00z Send another Hi Adrian de Dave in Cascade, Montana, USA{1
K7GPS N0WAE-3 05/10 23:17:13z Send another Hi Eric. Everything OK up there?
K7GPS KQ7J 05/10 23:15:08z Send another Hi Wayne de Dave in Cascade.
K7GPS VE4AJF-15 05/08 19:06:36z Send another Hi Art de Dave in Cascade. ICU.{1
K7MT K7GPS 04/28 01:18:46z Reply Lets see if this works now Dave..{BT}
K7MT K7GPS 04/27 17:13:23z Reply GM Dave !! Hi Becky !!!{BR}
K7MT K7GPS 04/27 17:12:56z Reply back on track !!!!{BQ}
K7MT K7GPS 04/27 17:12:47z Reply Had to calibrate the GS-232B interface and sat antennas are well+{BP}
K7MT K7GPS 04/27 17:11:56z Reply Hi Dave and also to Becky !!! I am working on satellites today.+{BO}
K7GPS K7MT 04/27 17:10:52z Send another Hi Bill de Dave in Cascade on PinPoint APRS.{1