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K7MT K7GPS 04/01 00:34:23z Reply You and Becky have a great day.. Cheers Bill {YH}
K7MT K7GPS 04/01 00:34:21z Reply leave it..{YG}
K7MT K7GPS 04/01 00:34:01z Reply have let it ride all the way. Now to decide to take it out or+{YF}
K7MT K7GPS 04/01 00:33:35z Reply Hi Dave You bet Go Zags for sure. I placed a bet at the 64 and+{YE}
K7GPS K7MT 03/31 12:47:58z Send another GO ZAGS!{1
K7GPS K0HAA-9 03/23 16:21:35z Send another Hdg back to GF? Coffee stop in Cascade, Homestead Cafe. Mon 146.52{1
K7GPS K7GDM-15 03/15 18:03:33z Send another Hi Dave. What are you up to today?{1
K7MT K7GPS 03/14 14:40:47z Reply got the first signals at 1230 GMT or so !! Cool stuff.. Later..{KS}
K7MT K7GPS 03/14 14:40:43z Reply GM Becky and Dave. ISS is on APRS They turned it on at 1200 GMT I+{KR}
K7GPS K7MT 03/13 15:37:23z Send another GM Bill{1
K7GPS NG7IL-1 03/13 15:36:00z Send another Howdy{1
K7GPS NG7IL-1 03/13 15:35:44z Send another Hello{1
K7GPS K7GPS-7 03/12 20:11:31z Send another testing 1, 2, 3{1
K7GPS VA6XDO-7 03/12 18:17:17z Send another Hello from Montana{1
K7GPS K7GPS-7 03/12 17:58:00z Send another Testing uno dos tres
K7GPS K7GPS-8 03/12 17:57:39z Send another Testing uno dos tres{1
VE6BVT-7 K7GPS 03/05 19:24:27z Reply hi dave{3
K7MT K7GPS 02/22 13:58:21z Reply K7MT>APWW11,TCPIP*,qAC,T2STRAS
K7GPS K7MT 02/22 13:58:21z Send another ?APRST?{1
K7MT K7GPS 02/22 13:53:26z Reply 144 138 /hr DX=32*BOLDER(23mi@200°)
K7MT K7GPS 02/22 13:53:26z Reply Ports[2/2] 02-22 06:51:10 KPC-3 KISS OK 157 145 143 149 145 153+
K7MT K7GPS 02/22 13:53:26z Reply 2503 2496 /hr
K7MT K7GPS 02/22 13:53:26z Reply Ports[1/2] 02-18 15:13:31 APRS-IS OK 2738 2542 2528 2473 2443 2480+
K7GPS K7MT 02/22 13:53:26z Send another ?APRSS?{1
K7GPS K7MT 02/22 13:53:22z Send another ?APRSP?{1
K7GPS W7GMC 02/22 13:24:22z Send another ?APRS{1
KB7UVC K7GPS 02/15 21:42:53z Reply Oh boy a message from the dead! Glad you are still alive....{01
K7GPS KB7UVC 02/15 21:31:55z Send another Hey Herbie!{1