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W7AUW K7CH-7 01/26 03:39:56z Reply SIR! clear your messgecashe in the radio menu. :){RQ}
W7AUW K7CH-7 01/26 02:29:54z Reply all the women are rebeling, the economy is great.{RP}
K7CH-7 W7AUW 01/26 02:29:53z Send another rejRO}
W7AUW K7CH-7 01/26 02:27:58z Reply hello, and remember sir, you did call me. Checking my brain ;\{RO}
W6ERM-9 K7CH-7 01/04 20:25:43z Reply 73 de W6ERM{98
K7CH-7 W6ERM-9 01/04 20:23:42z Send another rej98
K7CH-7 W7AUW 01/02 18:16:41z Send another rejRN}
W7AUW K7CH-7 01/02 18:16:14z Reply no messages?{RN}
K7CH-7 W7AUW 01/02 18:15:36z Send another rejRM}
W7AUW K7CH-7 01/02 18:15:21z Reply happy new year Sir.{RM}
W6ERM-10 K7CH-7 12/23 07:11:59z Reply 73 MERRY CHRISTMAS W6ERM{2O}
K7CH-7 W6ERM-10 12/22 21:40:08z Send another rej10
W6ERM-10 K7CH-7 12/22 21:40:02z Reply 73 de W6ERM - Snohomish.{10