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K7AVV-10 N7GES-6 09/24 21:51:57z Send another its Daryl's fault!!!{1
K7AVV-10 KB0JWR-9 08/05 22:32:01z Send another Hey see you made Gallup. Stay safe my friend!{1
N7GES-5 K7AVV-10 08/04 03:13:23z Reply Moo ye being and the same to you! {2
K7AVV-10 N7GES-5 08/04 03:09:16z Send another Hola, Que tal? Hasty bananas?{2
N7GES-5 K7AVV-10 08/04 03:07:58z Reply Hi there. {1
K7AVV-10 N7GES-5 08/04 03:01:23z Send another Hi Kevin? de K7avv{1