K6CPT-9 messages

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AI6KM K6CPT-9 05/26 16:33:37z Reply hi de ai6km{BL}
WB0IZO K6CPT-9 05/20 23:36:59z Reply hello{HM}
WD8CIK-10 K6CPT-9 05/14 05:45:02z Reply hello{AE}
WB0IZO K6CPT-9 04/26 18:16:08z Reply hello{QC}
WB0IZO K6CPT-9 04/25 02:04:07z Reply good evening{PZ}
WB0IZO K6CPT-9 04/23 01:17:13z Reply good evening{PW}
AG6IF-1 K6CPT-9 04/22 05:10:25z Reply everything ok? u sent emerg. beacon{1k}
WB0IZO-10 K6CPT-9 04/22 04:18:17z Reply good evening{PL}
WB0IZO-10 K6CPT-9 04/20 01:00:23z Reply good evening{YN}
WB0IZO-10 K6CPT-9 04/20 01:00:08z Reply have it setup properly{YM}
WB0IZO-10 K6CPT-9 04/20 00:59:29z Reply good evening, i am new to this particular software not sure if i+{YL}