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K5LUC-9 K5LUC 09/21 17:12:40z Send another Word.{10
K5LUC K5LUC-9 09/21 17:03:11z Reply Check this out!
K5LUC K5LUC-9 09/20 04:07:50z Reply That is enough wasted bandwidth for the night. 73s peeps.
K5LUC-9 K5LUC 09/20 03:55:16z Send another Yep!{9
K5LUC K5LUC-9 09/20 03:52:26z Reply Well, it worked out. Does it work in?
K5LUC-9 K5LUC 09/20 03:49:07z Send another Testing w/V85 antenna.{8