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K4SEY KN4FIH 05/16 20:08:47z Send another I am set up and running. Don't see you yet.{UI}
KN4FIH K4SEY 05/16 00:43:44z Reply Figured_anything_out yet{14
K4SEY KN4FIH 05/16 00:43:35z Send another I see you {WT}
WHO-IS K4SEY 05/15 19:12:39z Reply format is an invalid command!{BQ}BM
K4SEY WHO-IS 05/15 19:12:39z Send another KTYS{BM}
K4SEY KN4FIH 05/15 19:01:07z Send another I am set up and ready.{BL}
KN4FIH K4SEY 05/15 01:26:44z Reply test{12
WHO-IS K4SEY 05/15 01:21:20z Reply G/Kenneth G Kirksey/TN/United States{OF}TN
K4SEY WHO-IS 05/15 01:21:17z Send another KN4FIH{TN}
K4SEY KN4FIH 05/15 01:14:26z Send another Guess not.{TM}
KN4FIH K4SEY 05/15 01:11:57z Reply figured_anythig_out{11
KN4FIH K4SEY 05/15 00:55:57z Reply I_hope_so{10
K4SEY KN4FIH 05/15 00:54:33z Send another You are finally on APRS.{TL}
WHO-IS K4SEY 05/12 19:23:49z Reply E/David K Kirksey/TN/United States{NP}PC
K4SEY WHO-IS 05/12 19:23:49z Send another K4SEY{PC}NO
WHO-IS K4SEY 05/12 19:17:47z Reply format is an invalid command!{NO}PB
K4SEY WHO-IS 05/12 19:17:47z Send another KMNV{PB}
WHO-IS K4SEY 04/14 14:24:49z Reply G/Thomas R Massingale/TN/United States{TT}FH
K4SEY WHO-IS 04/14 14:24:49z Send another KD4STT{FH}