K0TTM-9 messages

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KK0RNR-9 K0TTM-9 05/11 23:53:38z Reply camping or wheeling? {02
N4LJR-9 K0TTM-9 05/03 23:43:17z Reply dave s and i enroute but stuck in traffic{1
W0ROQ-9 K0TTM-9 05/03 16:50:37z Reply hey just checking in before i head in the store{4
K0TTM-9 KE0URO 04/13 01:22:53z Send another at meetup testig{03
K0TTM-9 KE0URO 04/13 01:18:45z Send another test{02
K0TTM-9 W0ROQ 04/11 00:58:48z Send another at meetup{01
N0LTT K0TTM-9 03/20 23:16:57z Reply testing out software{LJ}