K0MDV-9 messages

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EMAIL-2 K0MDV-9 02/15 18:31:20z Reply me phone to radio test{749
K0MDV-9 EMAIL-2 02/15 18:29:19z Send another me test email m2{04
EMAIL-2 K0MDV-9 02/15 18:29:06z Reply Email sent to mdv638@gmail.com{748
EMAIL-2 K0MDV-9 02/15 18:26:57z Reply me added.{747
K0MDV-9 EMAIL-2 02/15 18:26:57z Send another me mdv638@gmail.com{03
EMAIL K0MDV-9 02/15 18:13:07z Reply Email sent to mdv638@gmail.com{1288
K0MDV-9 EMAIL 02/15 18:13:06z Send another mdv638@gmail.com test 400{02
SMSGTE K0MDV-9 02/15 18:06:27z Reply @7025826380 got it{M3622
K0MDV-9 SMSGTE 02/15 18:05:18z Send another @7025826380 hi from 400{01