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SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/17 00:28:17z Reply @9709801060 Why you still at the top of Mt Antero?{M2127
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/17 00:08:50z Reply @9709801060 Hello{M2126
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 23:11:25z Reply @9709801060 You ever coming home?{M2122
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 21:52:37z Reply @9709801060 ????{M2116
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 20:57:08z Reply @9709801060 Still alibe?{M2115
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 19:44:37z Reply @9709801060 That weird line is showing up in pictures again.{M2102
K0JKU-9 SMSGTE 06/16 19:39:48z Send another @9709801060 Already did, I put it just below timber line unded a si{12
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 19:33:03z Reply @9709801060 Don't forget to ask about leaving the rock, then take a{M2099
K0JKU-9 SMSGTE 06/16 19:18:22z Send another @9709801060 No probably 4-5 hours more{11
SMSGTE K0JKU-9 06/16 19:16:33z Reply @9709801060 ???????? almost done?{M2095
K0JKU-9 SMSGTE 06/16 19:14:04z Send another @9709801060 I'm alivw still{10
K0JPY-7 K0JKU-9 05/28 20:47:41z Reply how is weather, we stuck on rmnp in bmw lol{07
K0JKU-9 K0MTN-10 05/27 17:06:33z Send another yep out enjoying the high country{09
K0MTN-10 K0JKU-9 05/27 17:04:36z Reply Good idea. Have fun and be safe. 73{SH}
K0MTN-10 K0JKU-9 05/27 16:56:35z Reply Just saw your beacon from Trail Ridge Road! Sam{SG}
K1MGB-9 K0JKU-9 05/05 16:57:24z Reply yeah my mistake this is Mike at least my msg worked{02
K0JKU-9 K1MGB-9 05/05 16:17:11z Send another this is Jim Matts call is K0JPY{08
KK0ECT-7 K0JKU-9 04/22 16:59:41z Reply howdy{33