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K0GLP-9 SMSGTE 10/12 23:16:53z Send another @7202010950 saw fresh tracks but no elk today maybe tomorrow{06
K0GLP-9 SMSGTE 10/11 21:57:05z Send another @3037266749 -10 last nite lots of mud now with snow melting{05
K0GLP-9 SMSGTE 10/11 21:46:21z Send another @7202010950 nice day lots of mud minus 10 last nite no cell here{04
K0GLP-9 SMSGTE 10/10 20:08:11z Send another @3037266749 got to elk camo ok got 4" snow but its clearing up{03
SMSGTE K0GLP-9 10/10 19:13:45z Reply @7202010950 We got about the same here. Called PD because they forg{M3889
K0GLP-9 SMSGTE 10/10 18:30:32z Send another @7202010950 everything is fine here. got 4" snow and still snowing{02