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J69CU-10 J62DX-10 11/21 17:11:08z Reply yo{m0002
J69CU-10 J62DX-10 11/21 17:09:24z Reply yo{m0001
J62DX-10 9Y4C-8 10/17 21:19:35z Send another was very nice to hear you with the scouts {C0002
J62DX-10 9Y4C-8 10/17 21:18:50z Send another stay safe 73{C0003
9Y4C-8 J62DX-10 10/17 21:06:11z Reply nice have fun{SX}
9Y4C-8 J62DX-10 10/17 20:58:31z Reply AA:Greetings From San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
J62DX-10 9Y4C-8 10/17 20:58:00z Send another listening to you on c4 nice!{C0001