IW2MVI messages

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IW2MVI EMAIL-2 10/24 14:43:13z Send another info@subdimensions.com Test interfaccia TH-F7 iPhone
EMAIL-2 IW2MVI 10/01 17:58:53z Reply Email sent to kamark5642@gmail.com{BD}02
EMAIL-2 IW2MVI 10/01 17:58:16z Reply Email sent to kamark5642@gmail.com{BC}01
IW2MVI EMAIL-2 10/01 17:55:53z Send another kamark5642@gmail.com ciao! 73{02}
IW2MVI EMAIL-2 10/01 17:55:16z Send another kamark5642@gmail.com ciao! 73 {01}
IW2MVI EMAIL 09/30 11:46:00z Send another mm.cattaneo@csyeson.it ciao! 73
IW2MVI EMAIL 09/30 11:42:48z Send another mm.cattaneo@csyeson.it test tx iPhone e TH-F7 :) ciao!
IW2MVI WLNK-1 09/30 11:38:35z Send another V
IW2MVI WLNK-1 09/30 11:35:13z Send another log