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ISS PU5KOD-7 07/21 17:53:42z Send another AOS 15m54s SW SE^55 NE 11m{MS}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/21 17:53:42z Reply sat{85
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/21 13:38:39z Send another AOS 2h55m (1634z) SE^5{MQ}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/21 13:38:38z Reply sat{82
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/21 05:36:22z Send another AOS 2h46m (0823z) NE^9{MO}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/21 05:36:21z Reply sat{81
ISS KD9BNL-1 07/21 03:13:50z Send another WNW^14 NNW^21 NE LOS 6m55s{MN}
KD9BNL-1 ISS 07/21 03:13:50z Reply cq from KD9BNL{3
ISS KD9JDD-2 07/21 02:06:28z Send another AOS 1h04m (0310z) N^21{MM}
KD9JDD-2 ISS 07/21 02:06:27z Reply Good evening from Goshen Indiana U.S.A.{1
ISS KD9BNL-1 07/21 01:54:24z Send another AOS 1h16m (0310z) N^21{ML}
KD9BNL-1 ISS 07/21 01:54:24z Reply QSL{2
ISS KD9BNL-1 07/21 01:48:53z Send another AOS 1h21m (0310z) N^21{MK}
KD9BNL-1 ISS 07/21 01:48:52z Reply KD9BNL Keith Elkhart, IN saying CQ{1
ISS KD2SIX 07/20 14:44:18z Send another AOS 9h14m (2359z) SE^21{MJ}13
KD2SIX ISS 07/20 14:44:17z Reply KD2SIX{13}
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/20 05:55:10z Send another AOS 3h16m (0911z) NE^20{MD}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/20 05:55:10z Reply sat{76
ISS WG3K-7 07/20 02:28:08z Send another NW^18 NNW^19 NE LOS 5m29s{MB}
WG3K-7 ISS 07/20 02:28:08z Reply a{40
ISS KO6KL-10 07/19 19:03:23z Send another AOS 7h14m (20 0217z) SE^9{LX}
KO6KL-10 ISS 07/19 19:03:22z Reply AA:cm97 brad 73 ck
ISS KO6KL-10 07/19 19:02:51z Send another AOS 7h15m (20 0217z) SE^9{LW}
KO6KL-10 ISS 07/19 19:02:51z Reply ?APRSP
ISS EA4FYG-10 07/18 21:19:02z Send another AOS 1h17m (2236z) N^17{LL}
EA4FYG-10 ISS 07/18 21:19:01z Reply {1
ISS KJ4ERJ-AP 07/18 10:27:18z Send another AOS 6m30s NW SW^17 S 10m{BJ}ZV
KJ4ERJ-AP ISS 07/18 10:27:17z Reply when{ZV}
ISS AA8L-7 07/16 23:52:18z Send another AOS 1h46m (17 0138z) SE^11{BG}
AA8L-7 ISS 07/16 23:52:18z Reply 0{48
ISS KI7WBJ 07/16 19:38:21z Send another AOS 10m23s NW SE^85 SE 11m{BF}
KI7WBJ ISS 07/16 19:38:19z Reply Hello
ISS KM4VHX-9 07/16 03:34:39z Send another AOS 30m8s W NW^17 NE 10m{BE}
KM4VHX-9 ISS 07/16 03:34:39z Reply .{3
ISS KM4VHX-9 07/16 03:34:14z Send another AOS 30m33s W NW^17 NE 10m{BD}
ISS KM4VHX-9 07/16 03:24:07z Send another AOS 40m40s W NW^17 NE 10m{BC}
KM4VHX-9 ISS 07/16 03:24:07z Reply .{2
ISS KC9WPR-5 07/15 05:26:59z Send another AOS 1h03m (0630z) N^16{BB}
ISS KC9WPR-5 07/15 04:16:45z Send another AOS 35m30s W NW^37 NE 11m{BA}
ISS SV1SJC-6 07/14 11:09:29z Send another AOS 8h21m (1930z) SE^26{AZ}
ISS SV1SJC-6 07/14 11:09:29z Send another Please Beacon Position{AY}
SV1SJC-6 ISS 07/14 11:09:16z Reply ?aprsp{97
ISS YO3IGC-7 07/14 08:43:54z Send another AOS 10h54m (1932z) SE^16{AX}
ISS YO3IGC-7 07/14 08:40:09z Send another AOS 10h55m (1932z) SE^16{AW}
YO3IGC-7 ISS 07/14 08:37:24z Reply ?{1
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/14 06:50:12z Send another AOS 4h05m (1055z) NE^6{AV}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/14 06:50:12z Reply sat{61
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/13 10:43:10z Send another AOS 1h (1143z) NE^14{AT}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/13 10:43:10z Reply sat{56
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/13 05:18:43z Send another AOS 6h25m (1143z) NE^14{AS}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/13 05:18:43z Reply sat{55
ISS PU5KOD-7 07/12 01:52:35z Send another AOS 10h39m (1232z) NE^30{AL}
PU5KOD-7 ISS 07/12 01:52:35z Reply sat{52
ISS N7FMH-15 07/10 19:42:01z Send another AOS 7h41m (11 0323z) SE^16{AJ}KS
N7FMH-15 ISS 07/10 19:42:01z Reply Thanks Lynn!{KS}
ISS W7NWP-9 07/10 01:32:57z Send another AOS 5h45m (0718z) SE^12{AH}
W7NWP-9 ISS 07/10 01:32:57z Reply 2{6
ISS PU7ASG 07/09 22:38:26z Send another AOS 38m23s SW NW^67 NE 11m{AG}
PU7ASG ISS 07/09 22:38:26z Reply PU7ASG HI20di{23
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/09 14:38:56z Send another AOS 1m35s NW SW^38 SE 10m{AD}
VK3TBN-9 ISS 07/09 14:38:56z Reply ?{0
ISS YO3FVR-7 07/09 14:30:05z Send another AOS 6h02m (2028z) SE^2{AC}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 07/09 14:26:18z Reply YO3FVR-7{25
ISS KC2KJQ-12 07/09 13:05:33z Send another Please Beacon Position{AB}01
ISS KC9WPR-5 07/08 22:33:46z Send another AOS 6h25m (09 0458z) SE^13{AA}
ISS YO3FVR-7 07/08 19:51:29z Send another AOS 1h28m (2115z) SE^7{ZT}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 07/08 19:47:43z Reply YO3FVR-7{45
ISS YO3FVR-7 07/08 15:08:34z Send another AOS 6h14m (2115z) SE^7{YQ}
ISS YO3FVR-7 07/08 15:04:49z Send another AOS 6h14m (2115z) SE^7{YP}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 07/08 15:01:35z Reply YO3FVR-7{24
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 07/08 14:10:01z Send another WSW^21 SW^21 SSE LOS 5m29s{YO}
ISS VK3TBN-9 07/08 04:57:39z Send another AOS 45m52s SW SE^30 NE 10m{YN}
ISS 9Z4DZ-4 07/08 02:37:00z Send another S^56 SE^67 NE LOS 5m51s{YM}
9Z4DZ-4 ISS 07/08 02:36:59z Reply Grace and Peace to All.... de 9Z4DZ
ISS YO3FVR-7 07/07 20:33:02z Send another AOS 1h35m (2204z) SE^13{YL}
YO3FVR-7 ISS 07/07 20:29:16z Reply YO3FVR-7{44
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/07 17:21:14z Send another AOS 12h27m (08 0547z) SE^20{YK}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/07 17:21:05z Send another AOS 12h28m (08 0547z) SE^20{YJ}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/07 17:19:59z Reply ?aos{16
ISS AA8L-7 07/07 17:03:51z Send another Please Beacon Position{YI}
AA8L-7 ISS 07/07 17:03:51z Reply 0{46
ISS AA8L-7 07/07 15:56:20z Send another Please Beacon Position{YH}
AA8L-7 ISS 07/07 15:56:19z Reply 0{45
ISS AA8L-7 07/07 15:55:43z Send another Please Beacon Position{YG}
AA8L-7 ISS 07/07 15:55:43z Reply 0{44
ISS YO3FVR 07/05 18:42:17z Send another AOS 3h29m (2208z) SE^3{OP}QF
YO3FVR ISS 07/05 18:38:25z Reply YO3FVR{QF}
ISS KC9WPR-5 07/05 15:25:01z Send another AOS 58m8s W SW^0 SW 2m{OO}
ISS KC9WPR-7 07/05 02:12:50z Send another AOS 4h27m (0639z) SE^10{ON}
KC9WPR-7 ISS 07/05 02:12:49z Reply ?aos{02
ISS KC3CQZ 07/04 15:46:09z Send another Please Beacon Position{OK}
ISS KC3CQZ 07/04 15:45:04z Send another Please Beacon Position{OJ}
KC3CQZ ISS 07/04 15:42:18z Reply Happy 4th July 73 via EL98hh
ISS IT9FTP 07/04 01:26:59z Send another NE^34 NE LOS 4m7s{OI}
ISS IT9FTP 07/04 01:24:47z Send another WSW^34 NW^78 NE LOS 6m42s{OH}
IT9FTP ISS 07/04 01:23:35z Reply GREETINGS TO ALL
IT9FTP ISS 07/04 01:21:00z Reply (l
ISS ON6ML-9 07/03 13:48:49z Send another AOS 11h31m (04 0119z) SE^7{OA}
ON6ML-9 ISS 07/03 13:47:37z Reply 73 de Mike{09
ISS PU7ASG-5 07/03 13:27:39z Send another Please Beacon Position{NX}