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ISS SY1COD-6 10/19 12:56:13z Send another Please Beacon Position{KR}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/19 08:05:05z Send another N^20 NE LOS 3m44s{KQ}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 10/18 21:40:31z Send another ESE^37 SE LOS 4m23s{KN}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 10/18 21:37:42z Send another N^39 NE^51 SE LOS 6m7s{KM}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 15:24:52z Send another SW^19 SSE LOS 4m43s{KL}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/18 15:21:04z Reply KM17VX 73 de George{74
ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 13:46:48z Send another Please Beacon Position{KK}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/18 13:42:19z Reply km17vx{67
ISS SY1COD-6 10/18 12:10:29z Send another Please Beacon Position{KJ}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 10/18 11:58:25z Send another N^16 NNE LOS 3m20s{KI}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 10/18 11:54:36z Send another NNW^19 NNE LOS 3m50s{KH}
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 10/18 11:50:34z Send another NW^23 NNE LOS 4m53s{KG}
ISS KP4IA 10/17 15:46:58z Send another AOS 5h (2047z) NE^9{KD}
KP4IA ISS 10/17 15:46:58z Reply 73'S TONY-KP4IA{07
ISS KP4IA 10/17 15:46:32z Send another AOS 5h (2047z) NE^9{KC}
ISS KP4IA 10/17 15:45:45z Send another AOS 5h01m (2047z) NE^9{KB}
ISS KP4IA 10/17 15:44:32z Send another AOS 5h02m (2047z) NE^9{KA}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/17 14:44:10z Send another E^65 SE LOS 4m59s{JZ}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/17 14:40:09z Send another Please Beacon Position{JY}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/17 14:36:59z Reply km17vx{62
ISS KP4IA 10/17 11:10:14z Send another AOS 1h22m (1232z) NW^43{JX}
KP4IA ISS 10/17 11:10:14z Reply !he ISS{84
ISS KP4IA 10/17 11:10:02z Send another AOS 1h22m (1232z) NW^43{JW}
KP4IA ISS 10/17 11:10:02z Reply Hello ISS, greeting to all aboard t, all you guys are doing great{83
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 10/17 11:06:22z Send another SE^27 SE^27 NE LOS 5m15s{JV}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 10/17 11:04:12z Send another SSE^22 SE^27 NE LOS 6m8s{JU}
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/17 06:03:42z Send another SE^0 SE LOS 5s{JT}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/17 06:03:40z Reply 14095 USB seguĂ­ el globo{7
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/17 06:01:20z Send another SSE^5 SE LOS 2m27s{JS}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/17 06:01:20z Reply cqcq{6
ISS SY1COD-6 10/16 13:55:33z Send another NNE^20 NNE^20 E LOS 5m17s{JR}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/16 13:51:32z Reply km17vx{58
ISS VE3SLM-2 10/16 07:39:41z Send another AOS 5h50m (1330z) SE^4{JQ}
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:08:04z Send another AOS 1h25m (0331z) SW^13{JP}
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:05:51z Send another AOS 1h26m (0331z) SW^13{JO}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/16 02:05:19z Reply 73{5
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:04:25z Send another SE^3 SE LOS 40s{JN}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/16 02:04:19z Reply un gusto{4
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:02:27z Send another SE^14 SE LOS 2m37s{JM}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/16 02:02:27z Reply qrz{3
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:01:49z Send another SE^21 SE LOS 3m21s{JL}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/16 02:01:43z Reply lu8uva{2
ISS LU8UVA-9 10/16 02:01:18z Send another SE^27 SE LOS 3m46s{JK}
LU8UVA-9 ISS 10/16 02:01:18z Reply hello{1
ISS KB3KBR-8 10/16 00:55:49z Send another AOS 12h33m (1329z) SE^6{JJ}01
ISS 9Z4DZ-2 10/15 12:49:41z Send another N^23 NNE LOS 3m50s{JI}
ISS ON6ML-9 10/14 11:02:09z Send another AOS 9m10s SW SE^19 E 10m{JG}
ISS ON6ML-9 10/14 10:51:42z Send another AOS 10m17s SW SE^19 E 10m{JE}
ISS ON6ML-9 10/14 10:45:06z Send another AOS 11m25s SW SE^19 E 10m{JC}
ISS ON6ML-9 10/14 10:39:11z Send another AOS 12m32s SW SE^19 E 10m{JA}
ISS ON6ML-9 10/14 10:27:33z Send another AOS 13m13s SW SE^19 E 10m{IY}
ON6ML-9 ISS 10/14 10:26:51z Reply 73 de Mike{68
ISS YO3FVR 10/14 08:48:00z Send another AOS 14m43s SW SE^42 NE 11m{IW}GS
YO3FVR ISS 10/14 08:47:59z Reply YO3FVR{GS}
ISS VU2DCT-5 10/14 06:03:13z Send another N^5 NNE LOS 2m{IV}
ISS VU2DCT-5 10/14 06:03:00z Send another N^5 NNE LOS 2m13s{IU}
VU2DCT-5 ISS 10/14 06:03:00z Reply nl06lu{2
ISS VU2DCT-5 10/14 06:02:45z Send another NNW^6 NNE LOS 2m28s{IT}
VU2DCT-5 ISS 10/14 06:02:44z Reply hello this vu2dct from India{1
ISS WA7NWP-9 10/14 01:48:25z Send another AOS 1h27m (0314z) SW^2{IS}
WA7NWP-9 ISS 10/14 01:47:02z Reply n7zio{0
ISS WA7NWP-9 10/14 01:46:01z Send another SSE^1 SSE LOS 15s{IR}
ISS WA7NWP-9 10/14 01:45:00z Send another SSE^5 SSE LOS 1m16s{IQ}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:38:46z Send another Please Beacon Position{IP}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:35:01z Send another Please Beacon Position{IO}
ISS SY1COD-6 10/13 16:31:16z Send another Please Beacon Position{IN}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/13 16:28:05z Reply KM17VX{19
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/13 16:27:17z Reply ?APRSP
ISS IU1INZ 10/13 10:25:31z Send another AOS 1h02m (1128z) W^81{IJ}
ISS IU1INZ 10/13 10:24:29z Send another AOS 1h03m (1128z) W^81{II}
IU1INZ ISS 10/13 10:24:29z Reply AOS{11
ISS IU1INZ 10/13 10:23:58z Send another AOS 1h04m (1128z) W^81{IH}
ISS KK6EOL-9 10/13 04:19:55z Send another AOS 11h40m (1600z) E^0{IG}01
ISS KC1JHV-7 10/12 21:42:10z Send another AOS 4m48s NW N^64 SE 11m{IF}
ISS KC1JHV-7 10/12 21:20:48z Send another Please Beacon Position{IE}
ISS KC1JHV-7 10/12 21:16:25z Send another Please Beacon Position{ID}
ISS KC1JHV-7 10/12 21:13:45z Send another Please Beacon Position{IC}
KC1JHV-7 ISS 10/12 21:13:39z Reply a{4
ISS IU1INZ 10/12 19:57:53z Send another AOS 13h54m (13 0952z) SE^15{IB}
IU1INZ ISS 10/12 19:57:53z Reply q{10
ISS IU1INZ 10/12 16:04:56z Send another AOS 1h05m (1710z) SW^52{IA}
IU1INZ ISS 10/12 16:04:55z Reply a{09
ISS SY1COD-6 10/12 15:44:24z Send another Please Beacon Position{HZ}
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/12 15:43:18z Reply 73{10
ISS IU1INZ-7 10/12 13:01:51z Send another Please Beacon Position{HX}
IU1INZ-7 ISS 10/12 13:01:51z Reply ?APRST{46
ISS IU1INZ 10/12 12:46:03z Send another AOS 1h13m (1357z) N^26{HW}
IU1INZ ISS 10/12 12:43:50z Reply a{08
SY1COD-6 ISS 10/12 10:51:19z Reply 73{0
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 10/12 00:31:14z Send another NNW^35 NE^65 SE LOS 6m28s{HU}
ISS 9Z4DZ-1 10/12 00:27:26z Send another NNW^25 NE^65 SE LOS 7m1s{HT}
ISS Z34SAN-5 10/11 22:03:34z Send another AOS 11h06m (12 0909z) SE^17{HS}
Z34SAN-5 ISS 10/11 22:03:34z Reply KN02la{1
ISS SV1BYK-5 10/11 21:17:26z Send another AOS 10h20m (12 0737z) SE^0{HR}03
SV1BYK-5 ISS 10/11 21:17:26z Reply 73{03}HQ
ISS SV1BYK-5 10/11 21:16:06z Send another AOS 10h21m (12 0737z) SE^0{HQ}02
SV1BYK-5 ISS 10/11 21:16:06z Reply ME{02}HP