I5PVX messages

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IK5JRZ I5PVX 10/16 13:03:41z Reply Only RF to Internet Service!
IK5JRZ I5PVX 10/16 13:03:17z Reply On Log 73!
I5PVX IU3MEY 10/15 20:09:52z Send another ok qsl , 73
IU3MEY I5PVX 10/15 13:51:18z Reply QSL? '73
SP7G-9 I5PVX 10/13 11:07:39z Reply TNX VIA ISS 73
SP7G-9 I5PVX 10/13 08:56:15z Reply 73 Mirek
DO2ZZ I5PVX 10/13 08:54:14z Reply DO2ZZ heard you via ISS, 73
9H1FF I5PVX 10/13 08:54:13z Reply msg rcvd tnx
9H1FF I5PVX 10/13 08:52:58z Reply Greetings from Malta de Fred
I5PVX F8FFP-11 10/10 09:37:36z Send another eQSL tnx. and 73 via ISS
I5PVX EC4TR 10/08 11:16:00z Send another pse eqsl tnx , 73
OE6ISP I5PVX 10/07 16:53:38z Reply QSL frm JN77 es 73
F5CBP I5PVX 10/07 16:52:00z Reply Hello from in87lp