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HB9XBO-9 F1ZZF-2 10/16 11:30:23z Send another ?APRSP
HB9GYD HB9XBO-9 10/16 10:03:43z Reply 73 vom First ob Grindelwald{D13CB
HB9XBO-9 HB9GYD 10/12 13:13:49z Send another st maweS CASTLE - NO P! GOING TO TRURO 73 de HB9XBO{01
HB9GYD HB9XBO-9 10/12 13:02:45z Reply But we didn't take King Harry Ferry...{45695
HB9GYD HB9XBO-9 10/12 12:44:36z Reply Trelissick was our 1st visit, since we had to collect the NT pass.{B2B4C
HB9GYD HB9XBO-9 10/10 18:23:33z Reply Holywell Bay ist auch eine "Pilcher"-Bucht!{0E425
HB9GYD HB9XBO-9 10/10 15:38:40z Reply Holywell Bay ist auch eine "Pilcher"-Bucht!{31172
HB9GYD-10 HB9XBO-9 10/09 12:15:14z Reply Dies ist ein weiterer Test. Gesendet vom openSPOT4{00001
HB9GYD-9 HB9XBO-9 10/07 15:06:27z Reply Enjoy your holiday in Kernow. 73 de Dani{01
HB9GYD-10 HB9XBO-9 10/05 20:47:06z Reply Hi Robert. This is a test. QSL? 73 de HB9GYD{00001