G8JBQ messages

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G8JBQ BLN1 10/13 10:39:52z Send another please report signal stength on any links from digi perrott1
G8JBQ BLN2 10/13 10:29:22z Send another perrott aprs g8jbq8 sysop ray running on tr-2300 +pa with bsx 2 tnc 144.8
G1ZKJ-9 G8JBQ 10/09 20:56:42z Reply rej2
G1ZKJ-9 G8JBQ 10/09 20:17:27z Reply AA:Will be read in due course
G1ZKJ-9 G8JBQ 10/09 06:21:06z Reply rej1
G8JBQ ANSRVR 09/24 16:52:55z Send another K BATC{SE}
G8JBQ ANSRVR 09/17 18:12:12z Send another K BATC{CD}
G8JBQ G8JBQ 09/14 14:36:41z Send another BITS.11111111,Battery State Tracking
G8JBQ G8JBQ 09/14 14:36:41z Send another EQNS.0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0,0,1,0
G8JBQ G8JBQ 09/14 14:36:41z Send another UNIT.Percent,Charge/On/Off,Sats/On/Off,N/A,N/A,On,Yes,On,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A,N/A
G8JBQ G8JBQ 09/14 14:36:40z Send another PARM.Battery,Charging/AC,GPS+Sat,A4,A5,A/C,Charging,GPS,B4,B5,B6,B7,B8
G8JBQ ANSRVR 09/14 13:21:26z Send another K BATC{XL}