G6JEF-10 messages

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G6JEF-10 G8PXB 06/23 12:54:43z Send another good afternoon, passed by your location on the bike.{1
G6JEF-10 M0NCZ-5 06/04 17:47:29z Send another need to trawl the internet to get answers {4
G6JEF-10 M0NCZ-5 06/04 17:46:40z Send another a phone is all I have at the moment , got a lot of questions.{3
M0NCZ-5 G6JEF-10 06/04 17:22:28z Reply it's really good, I use it on my phone so my wife can see location{3
G6JEF-10 M0NCZ-5 06/04 16:58:20z Send another yeah not married so same here. My first dabble with aprs{2
M0NCZ-5 G6JEF-10 06/04 16:53:09z Reply no wife so can play radio{2
M0NCZ-5 G6JEF-10 06/04 16:52:54z Reply message received with thanks{1
G6JEF-10 M0NCZ-5 06/04 16:40:17z Send another Test message from Steve in Bridlington, G6JEF. {1
G6JEF-10 G1JKE-9 06/01 16:19:51z Send another Hi. Test message from Steve in Bridlington. 73s{1
G6JEF-10 MB6EY C 06/01 16:01:55z Send another Test message from Steve in Bridlington {1
G6JEF-10 M6DSE 06/01 15:07:37z Send another Test message from Steve In Bridlington{1