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TA5AHO-4 EI5HBB 01/26 16:53:37z Reply Greetings from TURKEY.Have a nice day 73's TA5AHO{38
F4IKH EI5HBB 01/21 12:06:51z Reply I have checked my configuration i apologize if you have receive wtr{02}OE
F4IKH EI5HBB 01/21 11:56:54z Reply ??? i have send nothing to you {01}OE
EI5HBB F4IKH 01/20 21:39:02z Send another Why are you sending me many tactical assignments?{OE}
SA7SKY-10 EI5HBB 01/05 15:09:03z Reply seperate SSID-3 to be more clear on what I do :-) 73{GH}OD
SA7SKY-10 EI5HBB 01/05 15:08:23z Reply Cheers for the rply. I have now uncoupled 80m on my IGATE to+{GG}OD
EI5HBB SA7SKY-10 01/05 14:41:14z Send another Hi Helge, No It was not me on 80m.{OD}