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EI2GYB-5 MI0CRQ-7 10/08 16:38:11z Send another hi there {1
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 16:05:34z Reply bye{86
EI2GYB-5 DL9MDI 10/08 16:04:23z Send another best 73s hope to chat agn soon..{5
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 16:02:58z Reply tnx es 73{85
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 16:01:54z Reply we kissed the stone of blarney, hi hi{84
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:59:46z Reply and 17 years ago the same, hi. Super!{83
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:59:06z Reply 2012 wid xyl on the ring of Kerry{82
EI2GYB-5 DL9MDI 10/08 15:56:38z Send another we have had alot here the last few days some flooding as well..{4
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:54:36z Reply radio said: rain tomorrow, hi{81
EI2GYB-5 DL9MDI 10/08 15:53:50z Send another getting colder here winter on the way.. {3
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:53:37z Reply qth nr OE-border{80
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:53:10z Reply hr cloudy es temp abt 16c{79
EI2GYB-5 DL9MDI 10/08 15:52:17z Send another very windy here today lol {2
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:51:43z Reply good drive!{78
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:51:19z Reply ge Steven, 73 from Bavaria{77
EI2GYB-5 DL9MDI 10/08 15:50:40z Send another hi there{1
DL9MDI EI2GYB-5 10/08 15:50:23z Reply ?APRST
EI2GYB-5 M6MTN-8 09/16 21:33:14z Send another hi there Mike hows things.{1
EI2GYB-5 M6MTN-6 09/16 21:33:06z Send another hi there Mike {1
EI2GYB-5 GI0AZB 08/13 18:01:37z Send another hi there name here is steve loc donegal btu {2
EI2GYB-5 GI0AZB 08/13 18:01:09z Send another gi0azb{1
EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-14 08/12 11:02:13z Send another this is a test message...{1