EI2GYB-5 messages

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EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-9 08/17 17:17:51z Send another this is a test message to see if the igate is working...{2
EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-7 08/17 13:43:20z Send another test message...{4
EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-6 07/24 20:20:14z Send another test{2
EI2GYB-5 EI0CAR 07/24 20:19:57z Send another test{1
EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-7 07/24 20:19:41z Send another testing{3
EI2GYB-5 EI2GYB-9 07/23 10:41:38z Send another testing mobile app.{1