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DV6XCY-7 DV6XCY 01/12 07:29:30z Reply test{2
KP4DMR DV6XCY 01/11 21:25:53z Reply 73 my Friennd From Puerto Rico..her all day with earthquake....{OI}
DV6XCY KP4DMR 01/11 20:42:21z Send another thanks for the ack 73!{40
KP4DMR DV6XCY 01/11 20:41:32z Reply AA:thanks for your attention 73 '
DV6XCY KP4DMR 01/11 20:41:01z Send another can you rx my msg?{39
DV6XCY YM5KMS 01/11 20:37:01z Send another hi pls confirm rx. tnx{38
DV6XCY DV6XCY 01/11 20:31:58z Send another trs{37
DV6XCY-7 DV6XCY 01/11 17:49:37z Reply Tnx DU6DKL! de gyro{1