DU9HKD-5 messages

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DU9HKD-5 DV6XCY-15 01/12 00:51:20z Send another am good{1
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 01/08 22:46:06z Reply hello{90
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 12/25 03:26:33z Reply maybe use the other phone with DU9HKD-6{95
DU9HKD-5 VK4GO 12/25 03:25:24z Send another hi Art' tried and working...but 2nd phone is not...working on it no{1
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 12/25 03:23:26z Reply Great you fixit !!{94
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 12/25 03:22:41z Reply Hi{93
VK4GO DU9HKD-5 12/25 03:22:12z Reply ?APRST
DU9HKD-5 DU8AYB 12/25 03:09:39z Send another regards ko ni Edwin, Renoir 73{1