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DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:40:32z Send another 73{45
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:40:21z Reply Cul 73 Eric bye{34
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:39:13z Reply Wow is good Mate{33
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:38:50z Send another my ht here is md 380 and yaesu ft 70d{44
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:38:12z Reply I see many DMR station now in DU country{32
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:37:12z Reply I sold the MD-380 local{31
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:36:48z Send another yes{43
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:36:35z Reply was high price but is ok{30
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:36:00z Send another nice ht{42
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:35:47z Reply It have a Bluetooth and GPS{29
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:35:31z Send another not heard also{41
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:35:11z Reply I am not sure someone have this also in DU land ?{28
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:34:35z Send another ok nice{40
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:34:23z Reply 320 aussie ${27
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:34:05z Send another how much{39
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:34:05z Reply yes works great Eric{26
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:33:46z Send another wow {38
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:33:38z Reply Is a Anytone 878 plus{25
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:33:35z Send another relax and take rest always{37
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:33:30z Reply I got a new DMR handy{24
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:32:42z Reply yes I will{23
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:32:29z Send another take care of your self mate{36
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:32:06z Reply now going ok again{22
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:31:53z Reply I was very sick small heart attack{21
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:31:27z Send another fine{35
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:31:04z Reply hi how are you ?{20
DU8BRS VK4GO 02/03 22:30:47z Send another hello mate{34
VK4GO DU8BRS 02/03 22:12:35z Reply GM Eric{18
DU8BRS DU6DKL 01/22 04:03:38z Send another copy mo ako kako 73{16
DU8BRS DU6DKL-5 01/11 22:27:20z Send another good morning kako {15
VK4GO DU8BRS 01/09 03:05:56z Reply hi Eric{92
VK4GO DU8BRS 12/30 23:31:47z Reply GM A Happy New-Year{09