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DU6DKL-8 DU6DKL-6 02/19 01:09:55z Reply TESTTESTTEST{VZ}
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/18 12:29:21z Reply GM to the free World{W
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/18 12:27:08z Reply GM to the free World{T
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/18 12:17:58z Reply GM to the free World{U
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/18 12:13:09z Reply GM to the free World{S
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 02/16 13:39:01z Reply testi g{5
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 02/16 13:36:17z Reply ter{6
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 02/16 13:03:17z Reply hello{4
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 02/16 07:39:18z Reply am home{3
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/15 17:00:23z Reply technology maker the world small{17
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/13 23:31:31z Reply lots of great comments on FB today{06
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 02/13 14:28:55z Reply SURE{29
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 02/12 13:03:20z Send another all your message for my -9 went thru my -6 and DMR hahahhaa{JQ}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/12 12:56:59z Reply qso confirmed{82
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/12 12:54:48z Reply you are welcome{83
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 02/12 12:51:21z Send another tnx hihi..{JP}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/12 12:40:51z Reply no QSO request on qrz.com{78
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 02/12 00:59:57z Reply I've worked TA5AHO a few times can't find SV2CIX-1 sunny on Wednsd{5
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-6 02/11 18:39:43z Reply Greetings from TURKEY Have a nice day 73's via ISS{2836
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/11 13:09:13z Reply have contact with TA5 a few times{74
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-1 02/11 12:54:54z Send another Stavros SV2CIX-1 of Greece{PG}
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-1 02/11 12:54:53z Send another hI Peter try sending to TA5AHO-4 thats Hamit of Mersin Turkey and+{PF}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/11 12:51:19z Reply trying to hit stations on your FB posts{70
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/10 23:31:00z Reply rain and clouds until Wednesday 40F now no snow is good{59
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/10 23:28:36z Reply rain and clouds until Wednesday 40F now no snow is good{58
TA5AHO-4 DU6DKL-6 02/10 15:05:58z Reply Thanks for the contact Yaesu FT1-1XDE I sent this mesage via ISS 73{95
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 02/09 20:23:56z Reply have been telling stations around here to contact you{4
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/09 17:22:37z Reply liked monkey pic only squirrels here lol 73{38
DU6DKL-7 DU6DKL-6 02/09 15:12:12z Reply hello{1
DU6DKL-6 PE1NSQ 02/09 03:09:45z Send another DU6DKL-6>AKLPRZ,RS0ISS,ARISS,WIDE2-1
PE1NSQ DU6DKL-6 02/09 03:09:45z Reply ?APRST
DU6DKL-6 PE1NSQ-9 02/09 02:53:29z Send another 2012/08/30 09:19: APRSIS32 Win v6.2 b9200 p2 0.0/0.0%
PE1NSQ-9 DU6DKL-6 02/09 02:53:29z Reply ?VER
DU6DKL-6 PE1NSQ-9 02/09 02:52:46z Send another DU6DKL-6>AKLPRZ,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 02/08 03:20:16z Reply thanks for sending msg to N1IQI 73{3
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 02/08 01:30:28z Reply Please snd msg to my friend Loren N1IQI{2
KC1HHO-1 DU6DKL-6 02/08 01:28:07z Reply had a great day, very cold dry and windy 34'F{1
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/07 23:31:57z Reply weekend is here yahoo 73{26
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/07 23:03:43z Reply more rain. no snow!{25
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-5 02/07 15:38:00z Send another DU6DKL-6>AKLPRZ,TCPIP*,qAC,T2SYDNEY
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 02/07 15:37:59z Reply ?PING?
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/06 11:17:18z Reply rain & snow today{15
K4JH-8 DU6DKL-6 02/05 16:14:37z Reply hello{15
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/05 13:18:27z Reply have a great day{13
DU6DKL-6 CQ 02/04 23:50:42z Send another HELLO WORLD VIA ISS
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 02/04 15:29:07z Reply test{7
DU6DKL-6 N5NTG-4 02/04 14:05:58z Send another ?APRSP
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/04 13:39:15z Reply 8{Q
DU6DKL-6 CQ 02/04 12:33:26z Send another still hear your Beacon RSOISS, GUD PM from PK10LR
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/04 10:36:11z Reply 2{C
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/04 10:36:00z Reply 2{B
DU6DKL-6 CQ 02/04 00:39:58z Send another Greetings from Negros Isl Phil pk10lr GUD MORNING AUSTRALIA
DU6DKL-6 VK6HAM-2 02/04 00:38:53z Send another HELLO FROM PK10LR.. GUD AM AUSTRALIA{GL}
DU6DKL-6 RS0ISS 02/03 11:43:26z Send another 73 FROM PK10LR{GI}
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 02/03 07:33:50z Reply y{6
DU6DKL-6 RS0ISS 02/03 01:41:45z Send another ur Beacon is 59 over pk10lr Negros Island Phil{PH}
DU6DKL-6 KM4EFW-12 02/03 01:32:40z Send another ping?{PF}
W9AUV DU6DKL-6 02/02 15:27:28z Reply Got your APRS messages. Terry
DU6DKL-6 CQ 02/02 12:47:50z Send another HELLO TO ALL VIA RS0ISS/ISS
DU6DKL-6 CQ 02/02 05:39:54z Send another VIA AMSAT HELLO TO THE WORLD
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 02/02 05:32:23z Reply TESTR{6
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 02/02 05:28:32z Reply Type your Text Here.Press [Enter] to Send the Message{4
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 02/01 00:07:28z Reply have a great weekend{90
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 01/31 16:39:04z Reply qsl tnx 59 im qrl mobing
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 01/31 16:38:53z Send another loc?{LY}
DU6DKL-6 BLN1 01/31 11:48:21z Send another DX: KC1HH0 8739 miles
DU6DKL-6 DU6DKL-9 01/31 07:47:52z Send another PING?{HO}
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/31 07:26:46z Send another via RS0ISS kilo_279@yahoo.com
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 01/31 05:03:44z Reply from 15{13
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 01/31 04:14:21z Reply 2{6
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 01/31 03:57:48z Reply tnx{4
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/30 12:27:34z Send another BEST REGARDS HS6KLJ FROM PK10LR
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 01/30 11:46:07z Reply 2 passes here FN42lg{85
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 01/30 11:42:17z Send another 3 hours to go here til the first pass hihi {TW}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 01/30 11:41:10z Reply gear set ready for SSTV{84
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/30 09:42:20z Send another HELLO CQDX CALLIG AND LISTENING ON 145.825MHZ
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 01/29 16:10:12z Reply qsl{G
DU6DKL-9 DU6DKL-6 01/29 16:03:28z Reply qsl{F
DU6DKL-5 DU6DKL-6 01/29 15:57:08z Reply test{00
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/29 13:49:03z Send another BEST REGARDS VIA lapan SATELLITE INDONESIA
DU6DKL-6 KC1HHO-7 01/28 12:48:29z Send another hihi good job hahahha{EO}
KC1HHO-7 DU6DKL-6 01/28 12:40:15z Reply linked via your station to SZ3BCE-R echolink{75
DU6DKL-6 TO ALL: 01/28 09:06:05z Send another ALL THE BEST FROM NEGROS PHI
DU6DKL-6 TO ALL: 01/28 04:53:56z Send another PEACE TO ALL MANKIND{EM}
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/28 04:52:17z Send another REGARDS TO THE CREW OF THE ISS!
DU6DKL-6 APRS 01/27 17:19:55z Send another test{AT}
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/27 17:15:18z Send another cqcq dx
DU6DKL-6 CQ 01/27 17:12:45z Send another hello
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 01/27 17:01:18z Reply rtt{9
DU6DKL-15 DU6DKL-6 01/27 16:59:44z Reply test{6
DU6DKL-6 SV3CIX 01/27 13:52:40z Send another HELLO MY FRIEND STAVORS GUD PM{RI}
DU6DKL-6 W9AUV 01/27 11:19:27z Send another FROM PK10LR DE KAKO HELLO TERRT{RH}
DU6DKL-6 W9AUV-9 01/27 11:18:41z Send another HELLO TERRY FROM NEGROS PHIL PK10LR DE KAKO 73{RG}
DU6DKL-6 145.825 01/27 09:52:49z Send another ISSIS APRS GLOBAL FRQ {KR}
ISS DU6DKL-6 01/27 07:25:38z Reply AOS 8h02m (1527z) NE^9{RI}KQ
DU6DKL-6 ISS 01/27 07:25:37z Send another PING?{KQ}RH
ISS DU6DKL-6 01/27 07:25:26z Reply AOS 8h02m (1527z) NE^9{RH}KP