DL1HXB-1 messages

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WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 10/04 17:20:49z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{406
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:32:26z Reply Log off successful{68
DL1HXB-1 WLNK-1 09/24 08:32:26z Send another b{68
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:32:17z Reply Message 1 Deleted{67
DL1HXB-1 WLNK-1 09/24 08:32:16z Send another k1{67
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:32:01z Reply gesertrag: 33,116 kWh / 899 bytes{66
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:31:57z Reply 1) 09/24/2023 08:31:57 Sunny Portal Info Report So-Sa 23.09.2023 Ta{65
DL1HXB-1 WLNK-1 09/24 08:31:56z Send another l{66
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:31:45z Reply Hello DL1HXB-1. Login valid for ~2 hours{64
DL1HXB-1 WLNK-1 09/24 08:31:44z Send another NAIIAE{65
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:30:49z Reply Login [263]:{63
DL1HXB-1 WLNK-1 09/24 08:30:48z Send another l{64
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/24 08:30:34z Reply You have 1 Winlink mail messages pending{62
WLNK-1 DL1HXB-1 09/20 14:15:00z Reply You have 2 Winlink mail messages pending{1247