AJ7C-10 messages

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KE6VRK-11 AJ7C-10 11/10 14:23:11z Reply hello how have you been? crazy fire season isnt it? 73{8
KE6VRK-9 AJ7C-10 10/27 20:38:42z Reply hi how are you doing? hope all is well 73s{81
WA6GD-10 AJ7C-10 10/23 04:38:45z Reply response and welcome. Waiting on my cablles for my kantonics. {AR}QQ
WA6GD-10 AJ7C-10 10/23 04:38:44z Reply Sorry for such a delay got tied up with work. Apreciate the+{AQ}QQ
AJ7C-10 WA6GD-10 10/23 02:53:21z Send another Hi Gary! I am good. Welcome to APRS!{QQ}
WA6GD-10 AJ7C-10 10/21 21:54:11z Reply hello Kevin how is ur afternoon going im new on this mode{AN}
WA6GD-10 AJ7C-10 10/21 21:52:28z Reply hello {AM}
KG7APT AJ7C-10 10/12 19:29:38z Reply CQ Good Afternoon! KG7APT {9