AI6AY-7 messages

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OE3HGB-1 AI6AY-7 02/14 18:30:02z Reply 73 de Heinz{MF}
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 02/13 16:47:14z Send another there at 9{18
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 02/12 17:30:16z Reply @9254876005 Room is MBOG by the mail rack second floor{M3367
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 02/12 17:27:21z Send another there at 945{17
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 02/04 17:06:55z Send another there in 5, food?{16
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 01/07 16:37:34z Reply @9254876005 Ok{M827
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 01/07 16:36:57z Send another sounds like were going to verily rls in 10{15
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/13 17:12:50z Reply @9254876005 I have it{M9143
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE 12/13 17:12:11z Send another @9254876005 hmm might have left can yiu get 2xl addy{14
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 12/13 17:05:21z Send another id she not comin w us meet by back lobby at 915{13
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/13 17:04:24z Reply @9254876005 I have not heard from her or seen her yet{M9142
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/13 16:54:20z Reply @9254876005 Ok{M9141
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 12/13 16:53:46z Send another try to dind big trash bags{12
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/13 16:46:35z Reply @9254876005 Ok{M9140
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 12/13 16:46:02z Send another find out if melissa needs a ride to 2xl ans stall her till 915{11
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 12/12 16:24:18z Send another eta 835{10
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/11 18:17:50z Reply @9254876005 Im heading over to 2011. We can finish box tomorrow or {M8961
SMSGTE AI6AY-7 12/11 17:13:27z Reply @9254876005 Ok, no mcmaster pkg yet{M8960
AI6AY-7 SMSGTE-5 12/11 17:12:05z Send another heading straight tq 2011 now{09