AF4Y-9 messages

fromtotime message
AF4Y-10 AF4Y-9 02/12 14:06:34z Reply AA:Autoreply- No one is at the keyboard 6063353928{0C}05
AF4Y-9 AF4Y-10 02/12 14:06:33z Send another n sparky love eco coyote{05
AF4Y-9 SMSGTE 02/12 05:06:16z Send another @6063353395 get it in sparky love eco coyote{04
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/12 05:03:40z Reply @6063353395 get it? From Ellen{M3333
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/12 05:03:24z Reply @6063353928 roland loves sparky{M3332
AF4Y-9 SMSGTE 02/12 05:02:25z Send another @6063353928 test from sparky{03
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/12 05:02:10z Reply @6063353395 got it from Ellen{M3331
AF4Y-9 SMSGTE 02/12 05:01:35z Send another @6063353395 test from sparky{02
AF4Y-10 AF4Y-9 02/11 03:45:49z Reply test msg from af4y-10{M0001
AF4Y-10 AF4Y-9 02/11 03:29:53z Reply test{M0002
AF4Y AF4Y-9 02/11 03:25:05z Reply test{M0001
AF4Y-10 AF4Y-9 02/11 03:00:21z Reply test from station{OT}
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/07 14:38:30z Reply @6063353928 test message from Roland{M2835
AF4Y-9 AF4Y 02/06 15:15:19z Send another ?APRSP
AF4Y AF4Y-9 02/06 15:15:19z Reply MSG RCVD NO ONE AT STATION
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/06 15:12:11z Reply @6069092094 Got it{M2774
SMSGTE AF4Y-9 02/06 15:12:08z Reply @6063353928 test reply{M2773
AF4Y-9 SMSGTE 02/06 15:11:16z Send another @6069092094 test aprs to cell to reply put @af4y-9 at start of msg{14
AF4Y-9 SMSGTE 02/06 15:07:49z Send another @6063353928 test aprs to cell{13