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AE7ZE-1 KB7IOG-10 02/17 20:54:05z Send another rej0x}
KB7IOG-10 AE7ZE-1 02/17 20:54:00z Reply Hope to see you at VARC Monday. Thanks for all your help. 73 OM{0x}
AE7ZE-1 KB7IOG-10 02/10 05:17:11z Send another rej0v}
KB7IOG-10 AE7ZE-1 02/10 05:17:04z Reply REJECTED? Last message must have got{0v}
AE7ZE-1 KB7IOG-10 02/10 05:15:52z Send another rej0u}
KB7IOG-10 AE7ZE-1 02/10 04:55:35z Reply HI om, Hope your keeping warm. Rdio is working great! Wow...{0u}