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AE6LJ KC7BXS-7 06/18 20:01:10z Send another Got U in CN80bd via ISS 73{44
AE6LJ N6YG 06/18 20:00:32z Send another RR TU CN80bd{43
N6YG AE6LJ 06/18 20:00:12z Reply 73 from cm98iu
AE6LJ BLN 06/18 15:10:22z Send another Heard: Kb6LTY-3, N6YG, KM6NLE-6
AI6MC-9 AE6LJ 06/17 20:50:38z Reply Heard You de CM99{31
AE6LJ BLN 06/17 20:49:25z Send another Heard: AI6MC-9, N6YG, KM6NLE-6, VA7BWX-9
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/17 18:06:05z Reply KE6BUU:Plymouth CA United States{452
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/17 18:06:05z Reply KE6BUU:15950 Oak Park Court, PO BOX 564{451
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/17 18:06:05z Reply KE6BUU:JASON A WILSON/T{450
AE6LJ WHO-IS 06/17 18:06:05z Send another f ke6buu{40
AE6LJ KE6BUU-9 06/17 18:04:16z Send another Would you like to try 146.520?{39
AE6LJ KE6BUU-9 06/17 17:43:00z Send another Hearing U direct near the coast right now.{38
AE6LJ BLN 06/16 21:35:57z Send another Heard: KM6NLE-6, AI6MC-9
AE6LJ AI6MC-9 06/16 21:35:28z Send another Hello again via ISS CN80bd{37
AE6LJ KM6NLE-6 06/16 21:34:02z Send another Got U CN80bd{36
AE6LJ BLN 06/14 21:36:58z Send another Heard: WA7ZYW, VA7BWX-9, KB6LTY-3, KM6NLE-6
AE6LJ BLN 06/14 15:06:17z Send another Heard: KB6LTY-3, KM6NLE-6, AI6MC-9, KJ6DZB-2
ANSRVR AE6LJ 06/14 02:29:02z Reply N:SATELLITE Removed From Group{KP}
ANSRVR AE6LJ 06/14 02:28:02z Reply N:APRSSATS Removed From Group{KO}
ANSRVR AE6LJ 06/13 18:34:55z Reply Duplicate (retry?) request suppressed
ANSRVR AE6LJ 06/13 18:34:05z Reply N:HOTG Removed From Group{BR}
AE6LJ ANSRVR 06/13 18:34:05z Send another u hotg {35
AE6LJ N7AWM-9 06/13 18:31:43z Send another Howdy Andrew. de The So Humboldt APRS Welcoming Committee!{34
N2HTE AE6LJ 06/13 18:28:12z Reply N:HOTG FROM CINCI
KF5RIC-7 AE6LJ 06/13 18:27:06z Reply N:HOTG 73s FROM ATX
K0AKV-5 AE6LJ 06/13 18:24:45z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday from hot and sunny North Dakota! 73!
VU3ZAG-13 AE6LJ 06/13 18:24:23z Reply N:HOTG Namaste from Bharat via RPpicoWX Station 73 VU3ZAG 79
KD9YOO-7 AE6LJ 06/13 18:18:42z Reply N:HOTG CHECKIN FROM INDIANAPOLIS 73 to all
N8JLK-6 AE6LJ 06/13 18:15:35z Reply N:HOTG Happy #AT! Kenwood D74 (75 ordered :-) 73 de N8JLK
KA7HOS-7 AE6LJ 06/13 18:14:21z Reply N:HOTG from SW UT 73 Russ
N8JLK-6 AE6LJ 06/13 18:14:08z Reply N:HOTG TH-D74
NB9D-9 AE6LJ 06/13 18:13:20z Reply N:HOTG hello everyone check out my page!
N8JLK-6 AE6LJ 06/13 18:13:12z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSthursday N8JLK TH-D74
N8JLK-10 AE6LJ 06/13 18:08:20z Reply N:HOTG Greetings de N8JLK via DMR RF Anytone AT-D878UVII+ .
NF7B-9 AE6LJ 06/13 18:06:19z Reply N:HOTG Hello from St George, Utah, Home of HamCon:Zion 2024
VU3ZAG-13 AE6LJ 06/13 18:04:14z Reply N:HOTG Namaste from Bharat via RPpicoWX Station 73 VU3ZAG 31
N8JLK-5 AE6LJ 06/13 18:01:36z Reply N:HOTG ---- #APRSthursday RF de N8JLK Yaesu 8900R TNC3 ----
N8JLK-5 AE6LJ 06/13 18:00:13z Reply N:HOTG -------- HELLO WORLD --------
N8JLK-5 AE6LJ 06/13 17:59:45z Reply N:HOTG ---- #APRSthursday de N8JLK EN91 Ohio 73 ----
KE6SLS AE6LJ 06/13 17:58:04z Reply It's Allen, cool! w6pkt-3 just ain't working as gateway :({DR}33
XE2AD-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:55:48z Reply N:HOTG hello from DL81 de David XE2AD
KB5LNC-2 AE6LJ 06/13 17:51:01z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY from Radioddity GA-5WB
DK5CH-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:47:19z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday 73
VA2EYZ-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:37:55z Reply N:HOTG 73 from Montreal Canada
AE6LJ KE6SLS 06/13 17:30:08z Send another I just got the ack from Andrew.{33
AE6LJ N7AWM-9 06/13 17:29:07z Send another RELAY: KE6SLS "707-822-5124 emg vet"{32
DK8AP-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:24:42z Reply N:HOTG happy APRS
MW3ASG-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:21:58z Reply N:HOTG #APRSTHURSDAY 73 MW3ASG
KF5THB-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:21:48z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Ft Worth Texas, EM12hq
HB9FVI-7 AE6LJ 06/13 17:19:12z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Switzerland
EA4BMF AE6LJ 06/13 17:04:34z Reply N:HOTG Saludos desde CACERES (Spain) 73 de EA4BMF
XE2MFT-9 AE6LJ 06/13 17:01:42z Reply N:HOTG XE2MFT CHEKIN
W0SX-11 AE6LJ 06/13 16:53:28z Reply N:HOTG Larry in hot St George Utah
KB9TYC-9 AE6LJ 06/13 16:52:08z Reply N:HOTG hello from nw wisconsin
K3ROC AE6LJ 06/13 16:35:47z Reply N:HOTG Straight outta Satan's armpit. Welcome to #APRSThursday
K3ROC AE6LJ 06/13 16:34:07z Reply N:HOTG Let's get it boyz!!!
9W2LGX-1 AE6LJ 06/13 16:25:45z Reply N:HOTG #LeMans24H #APRSThursday
KC5BIL-7 AE6LJ 06/13 16:23:50z Reply N:HOTG de KC5BIL
AE4TC-7 AE6LJ 06/13 16:21:17z Reply N:HOTG Scott AE4TC#aprsthursday
N9PMI-4 AE6LJ 06/13 16:16:19z Reply N:HOTG greetings from Louisville, KY 73
KE6SLS AE6LJ 06/13 16:09:58z Reply Need to leave 4 while, I'll keep this on.{DQ}31
AE6LJ KE6SLS 06/13 16:07:15z Send another WILCO{31
KE6SLS AE6LJ 06/13 16:06:45z Reply pls RELAY n7awm-9 707-822-5124 emg vet{DP}30
AE6LJ KE6SLS 06/13 16:06:32z Send another On APRS? Don't think so. Depends.{30
KE6SLS AE6LJ 06/13 16:05:45z Reply can u hear ft bragg direct?{DO}
WA0TJT AE6LJ 06/13 16:04:53z Reply N:HOTG 24/06/06-13->N51/S604/N14/H234
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/13 16:03:12z Reply N7AWN:Redmond WA United States{514
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/13 16:03:12z Reply N7AWN:8039 134th Ave NE{513
WHO-IS AE6LJ 06/13 16:03:12z Reply N7AWN:Andrew W Nichols/T{512
WXBOT AE6LJ 06/13 16:02:47z Reply 2 Miles N Briceland CA. Today,Sunny High 77{FH
AE6LJ WXBOT 06/13 16:02:40z Send another go{29
N8DNY-9 AE6LJ 06/13 16:02:11z Reply N:HOTG Happy Thursday de EN81
AE6LJ WHO-IS 06/13 16:01:56z Send another F N7AWN{28
K9WNG-12 AE6LJ 06/13 15:58:02z Reply N:HOTG hi from wisconsin
KD9BBB-5 AE6LJ 06/13 15:44:40z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday from 30,000 ft
VU3ARP AE6LJ 06/13 15:35:49z Reply N:HOTG 73's to all
MM0XET-9 AE6LJ 06/13 15:34:54z Reply N:HOTG happy aprsthursday from Dundee Alba
CT1FGS-10 AE6LJ 06/13 15:33:47z Reply N:HOTG Happy #APRSTHURSDAY from Portugal. Keep APRS alive. 73.
WD0LFN-9 AE6LJ 06/13 15:29:22z Reply N:HOTG #APRSThursday
W0MAO AE6LJ 06/13 15:25:10z Reply N:HOTG NE SEOC
WV3V-8 AE6LJ 06/13 15:22:00z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday DM26 73
W8RID AE6LJ 06/13 15:15:28z Reply N:HOTG #aprsthursday Bob W8RID Twinsburg OH
K8TX-9 AE6LJ 06/13 15:15:12z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRS Thursday from SE WA 73
LY7AP-7 AE6LJ 06/13 15:09:26z Reply N:HOTG Hi to all DE LY!
G4FZP-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:55:37z Reply N:HOTG FM via iGate 73 Alan UK
KM6CQ-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:54:00z Reply N:HOTG Hello, de Dan Washoe Valley NV Sent from my FT5
APRSPH AE6LJ 06/13 14:53:53z Reply Logged:0613 1453Z -KC8OWL & DU2XXR
ANSRVR AE6LJ 06/13 14:53:52z Reply N:HOTG 128 Messages Sent{UJ}
AE6LJ KD2UWR-7 06/13 14:53:51z Send another N:HOTG I'd like the "Full APRSThurs Experience" this week, please.
AE6LJ ANSRVR 06/13 14:53:50z Send another CQ hotg I'd like the "Full APRSThurs Experience" this week, please.{27
TA1CUN-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:53:14z Reply N:HOTG TURKEY 73
NU8H-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:52:23z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Cleveland! 73
KJ5IK-9 AE6LJ 06/13 14:50:44z Reply N:HOTG Hello from Canyon Lake, TX. Hail Eris! All hail Discordia!
KB3BMT-2 AE6LJ 06/13 14:49:31z Reply N:HOTG HAPPY #APRSThursday de KB3BMT FM28fn
N3ZLL-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:47:15z Reply N:HOTG hello
CT7AQH-7 AE6LJ 06/13 14:45:26z Reply N:HOTG Happy APRSTHURSDAY from Vila Franca de Xira - Portugal