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KC2OQV AC2GC-13 11/04 01:26:53z Reply Greetings from Sullivan county NY{M0001
AC2GC-13 N3XG-1 11/04 00:38:16z Send another no, just have lemonade the man said to the duck{2
AC2GC-13 K2OQV : 11/04 00:35:52z Send another reetings from Mahopac, NY Putnam ounty{1
AC2GC-13 KC2OQV 11/04 00:35:48z Send another Greetings from Mahopac, NY Putnam County{1
AC2GC-13 KA5VVI-9 10/01 01:11:56z Send another Are you on 146.520? I'm in Putnam NY and you are hitting my local node{1
K2PUT AC2GC-13 09/22 15:07:10z Reply Greetings from the EOC Demo{07
AC2GC-13 W4CAR-5 09/17 00:31:53z Send another sounding good here in NY{2