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9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/29 02:13:48z Send another greeting iss 731{EO}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/28 14:42:13z Send another greeting{JL}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/28 14:15:19z Send another great day 73!on wires-X box {JK}MA
9Y4C-8 9Y4QA 11/28 14:14:14z Reply have a productive day{MA}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 11/28 12:54:25z Send another hello{MW}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/28 01:20:34z Send another greeting from buccoo {VN}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/25 14:12:42z Send another from Tobago shirvan 73!{AX}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/25 14:11:38z Send another good morning{AW}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/20 20:17:58z Send another your water sign {LY}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/20 20:16:38z Send another going tobago{LX}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/20 20:16:24z Send another hello man{LW}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/19 22:04:38z Send another greeting iss have fun{CA}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/18 19:23:56z Send another hello iss from buccoo{AQ}
9Y4C-8 9Y4QA 11/15 14:54:35z Reply Great, Nice call sign{EJ}OK
9Y4C-8 9Y4QA 11/15 14:21:57z Reply AA:Greetings From San Juan, Trinidad & Tobago
9Y4QA EI3GUB-G 11/15 14:19:23z Send another good morning{OL}
9Y4QA 9Y4C-8 11/15 14:17:57z Send another good morning{OK}
9Y4QA 9Z4Y-5 11/15 14:17:28z Send another good morning{OJ}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/01 13:10:30z Send another greeting iss {PN}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 11/01 03:10:43z Send another hello spaceman keep well have fun !{YT}
9Y4QA-1 9Y4QA 10/30 14:24:00z Reply AA:hello 73! thanks much noel*
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/30 14:23:53z Send another hello{DC}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 10/23 02:45:09z Send another hello{XS}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/23 02:45:08z Send another hello{XT}
9Y4QA 9Z4Y-5 10/22 23:05:50z Send another hello{IK}
9Y4QA 9Z4Y-5 10/22 22:58:17z Send another hello from tobago 73!{EN}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/22 01:25:48z Send another hello{HN}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/22 01:24:56z Send another hello{FN}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/20 12:28:18z Send another hello{ER}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/10 14:12:49z Send another greening{YN}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 10/10 13:00:21z Send another greening spaceman 73!!!{AU}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 10/01 00:22:06z Send another hello spaceman keep well{YZ}
9Y4QA 9Y4QA-1 09/29 00:41:46z Send another hello{SJ}
9Y4QA 8P4AD-2 09/28 02:45:43z Send another safe night man 73!{VV}RK
9Y4QA 8P4AD-2 09/28 02:43:13z Send another tobago all is well{VU}RK
8P4AD-2 9Y4QA 09/28 02:42:37z Reply hope all is well with you in POS{RK}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/27 03:37:18z Send another greeting iss{ZJ}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:38:32z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73! {19
9Y4QA W4TBD-6 09/25 18:38:29z Send another hello{18
9Y4QA W9QO 09/25 18:38:27z Send another hello{17
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:38:23z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73! {15
XE3ISS 9Y4QA 09/25 18:37:43z Reply saludos desde el61
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:37:42z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73! {16
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:36:47z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73!{12
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:36:13z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73!{11
N1RCN 9Y4QA 09/25 18:36:05z Reply Hello from EL87 (Live)
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:35:58z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73! {14
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/25 18:35:56z Send another greeting iss buccoo 73!{13
9Y4QA YV6BNI 09/25 13:07:40z Send another good morning{RT}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/24 16:06:43z Send another hello from buccoo iss keep safe{PN}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/23 16:57:43z Send another hello keep well from buccoo{DG}
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/23 03:40:18z Send another Greeting space keep will.{77
9Y4QA RS0ISS 09/23 03:32:24z Send another hello from buccoo spaceman{WU}