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4Z5AB-5 PA3FRI 07/13 15:19:27z Send another tnx{3
PA3FRI 4Z5AB-5 07/13 14:33:49z Reply -holland/hoorn.htm{WB}
PA3FRI 4Z5AB-5 07/13 14:33:48z Reply http://www.holland.com/global/tourism/destinations/provinces/north+{WA}
4Z5AB-5 PA3FRI 07/13 14:22:17z Send another yea..{2
PA3FRI 4Z5AB-5 07/13 14:22:02z Reply 73 there, pitty of bad wx...{VZ}
4Z5AB-5 PA3FRI 07/13 14:21:27z Send another TNX, 73{1
PA3FRI 4Z5AB-5 07/13 14:20:47z Reply have a nice holiday{VY}