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4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:52:12z Send another Yes I was lazy. I've put 32N 35E not the correct ones{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:52:00z Reply If you weren't mobile, check your location for that callsign.{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:51:23z Reply When you were 4Z1YR-8 you showed 11 km from me.{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:49:49z Send another minus 8 is the digipeater. I'm using PinPoint as minus 7{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:49:03z Reply I dont think so. I tracked you before as 4Z1YR-8. {1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:48:16z Send another Not hearing him at allYesterday he was booming here{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:47:38z Reply Also 4X1GA-7{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:47:25z Send another Could be that the frequency is bad?{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:46:50z Reply Right now just you.{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:46:08z Send another Which stations are you receiving. I'm not hearing many{1
4Z1JJ 4Z1YR-7 10/08 16:45:46z Reply Erev tov.{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ 10/08 16:45:04z Send another Good evening{1
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR-7 10/05 09:13:22z Reply reply to thank you{WJ}
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR-7 10/05 09:11:54z Reply Hello{WI}
4Z1YR-7 4X5MG-5 10/05 09:11:04z Send another thank you Ido{1
4Z1YR-7 4x5mg-5 10/05 09:08:57z Send another second try{1
4Z1YR-7 4X5MG-5 10/05 09:07:22z Send another Hello Ido{1
4Z1YR-7 YM5KMS 10/05 05:55:48z Send another Hello from Modiin Israel KM71mv{1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:45:38z Send another Update your GPS location. You are at 0.0{1
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:40:38z Reply I don't get your ACK on APRSIS32 win32{KK}
4X4EB 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:37:00z Reply what client shout I install on pi{0B}1
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:36:57z Reply I don't get your ACK on APRSIS32 win32
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:36:09z Reply Hi Yoram!{KJ}
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:36:07z Send another Xastir, YACC or better on Windows PinPoint APRS{1
4Z1YR-7 4X5MG-5 10/04 14:35:14z Send another Hi, this message went via Eitan{1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:34:37z Send another I think there are some protocol differences{1
4Z1YR-7 4x5mg-5 10/04 14:33:58z Send another Hello Ido.{1
4X4EB 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:32:50z Reply I don't know why but my Xastir won't recognize your ACK{0A}1
4X4EB 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:32:15z Reply 4x5mg{09}1
4X4EB 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:31:38z Reply yes it is workuing{07}1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:31:28z Send another who else is online?{1
4X4EB 4Z1YR-7 10/04 14:30:45z Reply yessssssssssssssssssssss{04}1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:30:37z Send another So it is working{1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB 10/04 14:29:37z Send another Hi. are you getting my message?{1
4Z1YR-7 4X5MG-2 10/04 11:02:15z Send another Hello{1
4Z1YR-7 4X4EB-2 10/04 10:31:49z Send another This is a test{1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR-7 10/04 10:27:31z Reply Yes{FB1E8
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 10/04 10:19:37z Send another GM. Can you hear me?{1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR-7 10/03 18:45:13z Reply Chag Sameach!{FB08C
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 10/03 18:42:21z Send another Hag Sukot Sameach and Shavua Tov{1
4Z4DP 4Z1YR-7 09/27 12:05:51z Reply have also tried pinpoint , but didn't get it working well with+{BH}
4Z1YR-7 4Z4DP 09/27 11:59:28z Send another what was the problem?{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z4DP 09/27 11:55:24z Send another Changed the software. Using PinPoint V2{1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR-7 09/27 11:48:02z Reply Received{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 11:48:00z Send another OK. Nice experimenting today. Have Gmar Hatima Tova and Tsom Kal.{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 11:28:10z Send another Sure looks like it{1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR-7 09/27 11:27:39z Reply It works{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 11:26:04z Send another new test after restart{1
4Z1YR-7 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 11:19:30z Send another Hello, Can you hear me?{1