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KC1HHO-7 4Z1YR-2 10/15 12:04:42z Reply ??? always a mystery{92
4Z1YR-2 KC1HHO-7 10/15 12:02:04z Send another I don't know why -6 didn't get it{C85C8
4Z1YR-2 KC1HHO-7 10/15 12:01:35z Send another Minus 8 is a digipeater and igate. Minus 6 is Yaesu F2D{AE80E
KC1HHO-7 4Z1YR-2 10/15 11:59:55z Reply Semt to your-6 &-8 didnt go thru.{91
KC1HHO-7 4Z1YR-2 10/15 11:59:54z Reply sun today.rain tomorrow,Boston.not bad I work here.home qth Quincy{90
4Z1YR-2 KC1HHO-7 10/15 11:58:11z Send another Nice city Boston. I've been there once or twice but many years ago{8951C
4Z1YR-2 KC1HHO-7 10/15 11:54:07z Send another Hello from Modiin Israel{6BC21
4Z1YR-2 4Z1YR-6 10/15 11:52:05z Send another Hello2{659A6
KC1HHO-7 4Z1YR-2 10/15 11:39:10z Reply autumn weather is here.summer is gone{89
4Z1YR-2 4Z1YR-6 10/09 17:21:58z Send another Hello to you as well{143A7
4Z1YR-2 4X4EB 10/06 13:51:23z Send another Hello - testing an app that works with the Bluetooth TNC{C6C5B