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4X4EB 4Z1YR 10/06 11:59:33z Reply hi{0N}
4X5MG-5 4Z1YR 10/05 09:19:48z Reply I understand that you got my ACK{WK}0Z
4Z1YR 4X5MG-5 10/05 09:17:04z Send another HelloI Ido from Xastir{0Z}
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:54:27z Send another Hello Hello{0Y}1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:52:40z Reply Received{1
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:51:58z Send another Hi Rchard{0X}1
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:51:41z Reply I'm switching to Pinpoint on my pc{5BA2C
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:51:06z Send another Hi Rchard{0X}
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:48:52z Reply My settings need tweaking also{C7DB7
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:48:24z Reply Now you should have{DD45B
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:46:43z Reply Shalom{EE61E
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:44:25z Send another not getting ACK from u{0W}
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 10:42:23z Reply You are very strong in Modi`in :){DC2C2
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:39:50z Send another Hi Richard{0U}
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 10:37:47z Send another Hi{0S}
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:08:29z Send another 73{0R}BF
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:08:05z Reply An easy fast and hpcuagn , 73{BF}0Q
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:07:47z Send another Tsom Kal{0Q}BE
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:07:34z Send another Need to QRT from the keyboard. Nice chatting with you on APRS{0P}BE
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:07:32z Reply the messages{BE}0O
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:07:28z Reply wrk here with Kenwood TM-D710 , but that you probably can see in+{BD}0O
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:06:48z Send another ahh{0O}BC
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:06:33z Reply for VHF / UHF is running{BC}0N
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:06:29z Reply ISS is not wrk nw fer ISS at the moment , only their new repeater+{BB}0N
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:05:37z Send another impressive. not yet ready for ISS{0N}BA
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:05:15z Reply repeater {BA}0M
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:05:09z Reply made thru the ISS aprs contact till sweden , with the ISS as APRS+{AZ}0M
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:04:14z Reply spacestation {AY}0M
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:04:13z Reply I am only a digipeter for receive , that was to help the+{AX}0M
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:04:08z Send another brings me back to the early 90s{0M}AW
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:04:08z Reply I am only a digipeter for receive , that was to help the+{AX}0L
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:03:48z Send another Never the less, it is working fine{0L}AW
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:02:56z Send another I'm running as a Digipeater and as an Igate{0K}AW
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:02:39z Reply could be , wrk nw with APRSIS32 an old program{AW}0J
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:01:29z Send another OK. I see some changes in the packets{0J}AV
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:01:24z Reply normally Cyprus is open all season{AV}0I
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:01:03z Reply The last days we have a nice tropo {AU}0I
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 08:00:29z Send another Now I see that I'm heard in Cyprus. nice{0I}AT
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 08:00:22z Reply Now I am with keyboard as well {AT}
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:56:11z Send another I'm using keyboard to keyboars :){0H}23
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 07:55:26z Reply on radio so its slow can hook up pc{23
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 07:52:59z Reply wrks vry well{22
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:52:46z Send another Do you key messages on the radio or via computer?{0G}21
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:51:51z Send another Relatively close{0F}21
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 07:50:08z Reply i saw already so we are neighbors HI{21
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:49:49z Send another Radio here is IC-9700{0E}20
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:49:33z Send another Using Direwolf and XASTIR on Raspberry Pi{0D}20
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:47:04z Send another OK. I'm from Modiin{0C}20
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 07:46:36z Reply beitar ilit{20
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:45:49z Send another excellent. What is your QTH?{0B}19
4Z4DP 4Z1YR 09/27 07:45:21z Reply vry loud{19
4Z1YR 4Z4DP 09/27 07:44:33z Send another Hello, can you receive me?{0A}
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 04:40:41z Reply Going QRT for now, 73{CCC52
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 04:37:28z Reply Shalom{7A67A
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 04:36:38z Reply Hello{9FDB8
4Z1JJ-4 4Z1YR 09/27 04:35:28z Reply Shalom{CCE2D
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 04:33:44z Send another hello{06}1
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 04:33:34z Send another hello{06}
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 03:41:51z Send another hello{02}
4Z1YR 4Z1JJ-4 09/27 03:33:44z Send another Hello Rich, 73 de 4Z1YR{01}