2E1GLQ-7 messages

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2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE-LL 03/14 12:22:14z Send another We need to wash thedog :-({8
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/25 09:07:04z Reply @+447545759957 Fine. Let's go back to old school tech seeing and th{M4649
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE-LL 02/25 09:06:02z Send another Hello from the radio :-){7
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/24 21:53:26z Reply The alias laura and SSID LL now represent 447545759957{C4613
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE 02/24 21:53:18z Send another #alias add laura 447545759957 LL{6
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE-ME 02/24 21:51:04z Send another test{5
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/24 21:50:37z Reply The alias me and SSID ME now represent 447884292974{C4611
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE 02/24 21:49:59z Send another #alias add me 447884292974 me{4
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/24 21:47:26z Reply The alias me can now be used instead of 447884292974{C4610
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE 02/24 21:46:48z Send another #alias add me 447884292974{3
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/19 16:39:23z Reply @+447884292974 Reply from mobile{M4106
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE 02/19 16:34:59z Send another @447884292974 Test message via smsgte{2
SMSGTE 2E1GLQ-7 02/19 09:40:41z Reply The number 07884292974 is invalid{E4080
2E1GLQ-7 SMSGTE 02/19 09:40:38z Send another @07884292974 Test message via smsgte{1
M3YFM-1 2E1GLQ-7 02/19 09:39:03z Reply rej1
2E1GLQ-7 BLN1EZT 02/19 09:38:59z Send another Test aprs bulletin from 2E1GLQ