YO8RBY-6 messages

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YO8RBY-6 SA0BSV 10/25 09:51:51z Send another qsl 73{09
YO8RBY-6 SA0BSV 10/25 09:50:46z Send another DL3RCE,PD0WAG,OE6PWE,IU3MEY,SV2CPH,RV4CQ-6,SV2CPH-4,PD0RLX,{08
SA0BSV YO8RBY-6 10/25 08:14:14z Reply qsl 73
YO8RBY-6 US1GBF-6 10/25 06:39:28z Send another hello{07
YO8RBY-6 OE6PWE 10/25 05:02:51z Send another hello{06
YO8RBY-6 US1GBF-6 10/25 05:00:43z Send another helloo{05
US1GBF-6 YO8RBY-6 10/25 04:59:16z Reply UR 5/9 in KN66lc 73! op. Pavel [UISS]{00
YO8RBY-6 RA3PPY-7 10/24 07:39:00z Send another helloo{04
YO8RBY-6 RA3PPY-7 10/24 07:35:42z Send another hello{03
YO8RBY-6 RA3PPY-7 10/24 05:49:26z Send another Hello YO8RBY-6{02
YO8RBY-6 RA3PPY-7 10/24 05:49:03z Send another Hello YO8RBY-6{01
RA3PPY-7 YO8RBY-6 10/24 05:48:24z Reply Hello YO8RBY-6{1
YO8RBY-6 OE5RPP 10/18 12:11:08z Send another ' 73 all the best !
OE5RPP YO8RBY-6 10/18 12:09:15z Reply 73 from Austria via ISS de Peter{95
YO8RBY-6 IT9AOI-7 10/18 07:37:51z Send another OK , sorry for delay !
YO8RBY-6 US1GBF-6 10/18 07:24:38z Send another ' 73 all the best !
US1GBF-6 YO8RBY-6 10/18 07:20:41z Reply 73 via iss [UISS]{00
IT9AOI-7 YO8RBY-6 10/18 05:41:15z Reply qsl?